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Subudhi, B. Co Author Listing * Sliding-Mode-Observer-Based Adaptive Slip Ratio Control for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Subudhi, B.N.[Badri Narayan] Co Author Listing * Change detection for moving object segmentation with robust background construction under Wronskian framework
* Change Information Based Fast Algorithm for Video Object Detection and Tracking, A
* Entropy based region selection for moving object detection
* Evolutionary Based Slow and Fast Moving Video Object Detection Scheme Using Compound Markov Random Field Model, An
* hybrid BPSO-SVM for feature selection and classification of ocular health, A
* Integration of Gibbs Markov Random Field and Hopfield-Type Neural Networks for Unsupervised Change Detection in Remotely Sensed Multitemporal Images
* Kernelized Fuzzy Modal Variation for Local Change Detection From Video Scenes
* Mixed Poisson Gaussian noise reduction in fluorescence microscopy images using modified structure of wavelet transform
* Object Detection From Videos Captured by Moving Camera by Fuzzy Edge Incorporated Markov Random Field and Local Histogram Matching
* Perceptual Quality Assessment of DIBR Synthesized Views Using Saliency Based Deep Features
* Spatial constraint Hopfield-type neural networks for detecting changes in remotely sensed multitemporal images
Includes: Subudhi, B.N.[Badri Narayan] Subudhi, B.N. Subudhi, B.N.[Badri N.]
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Subudhi, P.[Priyambada] Co Author Listing * efficient graph reduction framework for interactive texture segmentation, An
* novel texture segmentation method based on co-occurrence energy-driven parametric active contour model, A
* Object Segmentation in Texture Images Using Texture Gradient Based Active Contours
* Shock filter-based morphological scheme for texture enhancement

Subudhi, S.[Subhashree] Co Author Listing * Spectral clustering and spatial Frobenius norm-based Jaya optimisation for BS of hyperspectral images

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