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Southall, B. Co Author Listing * Controllability and Observability: Tools for Kalman Filter Design
* Efficient Fine-Grained Classification and Part Localization Using One Compact Network
* Model based tracking for navigation and segmentation
* On the Performance Characterisation of Image Segmentation Algorithms: A Case Study
* Real-time vehicle detection for highway driving
* Stereo-Based Object Detection, Classification, and Quantitative Evaluation with Automotive Applications
* Stochastic Road Shape Estimation
* Vision-Aided Outdoor Navigation of an Autonomous Horticultural Vehicle
Includes: Southall, B. Southall, B.[Ben]
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Southall, H.[Humphrey] Co Author Listing * Expressing History through a Geo-Spatial Ontology

Southam, P. Co Author Listing * Compact rotation-invariant texture classification
* Texture Granularities
* Towards texture classification in real scenes
* Ufeel: Using haptics and stereo to place landmarks in three-dimensional volumetric images
Includes: Southam, P. Southam, P.[Paul]

Southekal, S. Co Author Listing * Improved Regional Activity Quantitation in Nuclear Medicine Using a New Approach to Correct for Tissue Partial Volume and Spillover Effects

Southerland, A.[Audrey] Co Author Listing * Ego4D: Around the World in 3,000 Hours of Egocentric Video

Southern, J.[Joshua] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Deep Learning Framework for End-To-End Prediction of Emotion From Heartbeat, A

Southern, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Adaptive motion synthesis for virtual characters: a survey
* Adaptive Physics-Inspired Facial Animation
* Automatic cage construction for retargeted muscle fitting

Southey, F.[Finnegan] Co Author Listing * Tangent-Corrected Embedding

Southey, T.[Tristram] Co Author Listing * Automated Place Classification Using Object Detection
* Automated Spatial-Semantic Modeling with Applications to Place Labeling and Informed Search
* Curious George: An Integrated Visual Search Platform
* Place Classification Using Visual Object Categorization and Global Information

Southey, T.J.R.[Thomas J.R.] Co Author Listing * Understanding the distraction and behavioural adaptations of drivers when experiencing failures of digital side mirrors

Southwell, B.J. Co Author Listing * Incoherent Range Walk Compensation for Spaceborne GNSS-R Imaging
* Matched Filter for Spaceborne GNSS-R Based Sea-Target Detection, A

Southwell, D. Co Author Listing * Panoramic Stereo

Southwell, R.V. Co Author Listing * Stress-Calculation if Frameworks by the Method of Systematic Relaxation of Constraints, I and II

Southworth, J.[Jane] Co Author Listing * Combined Spatial and Temporal Effects of Environmental Controls on Long-Term Monthly NDVI in the Southern Africa Savanna
* Disentangling the Relationships between Net Primary Production and Precipitation in Southern Africa Savannas Using Satellite Observations from 1982 to 2010
* Healthy Park Needs Healthy Vegetation: The Story of Gorongosa National Park in the 21st Century, A
* Mapping Time-Space Brickfield Development Dynamics in Peri-Urban Area of Dhaka, Bangladesh
* Operational Large-Area Land-Cover Mapping: An Ethiopia Case Study
* Quantitative Framework for Analyzing Spatial Dynamics of Flood Events: A Case Study of Super Cyclone Amphan, A
* Remote Sensing-Based Fractal Analysis and Scale Dependence Associated with Forest Fragmentation in an Amazon Tri-National Frontier
* Rohingya Refugee Crisis and Forest Cover Change in Teknaf, Bangladesh
* Simulating Forest Cover Changes of Bannerghatta National Park Based on a CA-Markov Model: A Remote Sensing Approach
* Time Series Analysis of Land Cover Change: Developing Statistical Tools to Determine Significance of Land Cover Changes in Persistence Analyses
* Understanding Land Cover Change in a Fragmented Forest Landscape in a Biodiversity Hotspot of Coastal Ecuador
* Understanding Long-Term Savanna Vegetation Persistence across Three Drainage Basins in Southern Africa
* Utilizing Multiple Lines of Evidence to Determine Landscape Degradation within Protected Area Landscapes: A Case Study of Chobe National Park, Botswana from 1982 to 2011
* Vegetation Dynamics and Climatological Drivers in Ethiopia at the Turn of the Century
Includes: Southworth, J.[Jane] Southworth, J.
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Southworth, M.K.[Michael K.] Co Author Listing * Design Considerations for Interacting and Navigating with 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional Medical Images in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Medical Applications

Souto Ceccon, P.[Paola] Co Author Listing * Shoreline Detection from PRISMA Hyperspectral Remotely-Sensed Images
Includes: Souto Ceccon, P.[Paola] Souto-Ceccon, P.[Paola]

Souto, A.L.[Andre L.] Co Author Listing * Motion-Compensated Predictive RAHT for Dynamic Point Clouds
* Multi-Resolution Intra-Predictive Coding of 3d Point Cloud Attributes
* On Predictive RAHT For Dynamic Point Cloud Coding
* Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees for Point Cloud Attribute Compression
Includes: Souto, A.L.[Andre L.] Souto, A.L.[André L.]

Souto, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral image segmentation through evolved cellular automata

Souto, J.A.[Jose A.] Co Author Listing * Modeling Photosynthetically Active Radiation from Satellite-Derived Estimations over Mainland Spain
Includes: Souto, J.A.[Jose A.] Souto, J.A.[José A.]

Souto, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Clinical Evaluation of an Automatic Method for Segmentation and Characterization of the Thoracic Aorta with and Without Aneurysm Patients
* Comparison of real and computer-simulated clustered microcalcifications on digital mammograms. ROC study
* Embedded wavelet region-based coding methods applied to digital mammography
* Image compression: Maxshift ROI encoding options in JPEG2000
* Region-based wavelet coding methods for digital mammography
Includes: Souto, M.[Miguel] Souto, M.

Souto, N. Co Author Listing * MIMO Detection and Equalization for Single-Carrier Systems Using the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
* Semidefinite Relaxations for MIMO Transmissions With High-Order QAM Constellations

Souto, P.[Paola] Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration for Coastal Monitoring Using Available Snapshot Images
* UCalib: Cameras Autocalibration on Coastal Video Monitoring Systems

Soutschek, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * 3-D gesture-based scene navigation in medical imaging applications using Time-of-Flight cameras
* Robust real-time 3D time-of-flight based gesture navigation

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