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Sorman, A.U. Co Author Listing * Study on spatial-temporal variations of Meteorological-agricultural droughts in Turkey
Includes: Sorman, A.U. Sorman, A..

Sormani, M.P. Co Author Listing * Incorporating Domain Knowledge Into the Fuzzy Connectedness Framework: Application to Brain Lesion Volume Estimation in Multiple Sclerosis

Sormann, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Automatic Foreground Propagation in Image Sequences for 3D Reconstruction
* Graph Cut Based Multiple View Segmentation for 3D Reconstruction
* High-Performance Multi-View Reconstruction
* Scanline Optimization for Stereo on Graphics Hardware
* Segment-Based Stereo Matching Using Belief Propagation and a Self-Adapting Dissimilarity Measure
* Ultramap V3: A Revolution In Aerial Photogrammetry
* Watertight Multi-view Reconstruction Based on Volumetric Graph-Cuts
Includes: Sormann, M.[Mario] Sormann, M.
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