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Skidanov, R.[Roman] Co Author Listing * Comparative evaluation of deblurring techniques for Fresnel lens computational imaging
* Deep Learning-Based Imaging using Single-Lens and Multi-Aperture Diffractive Optical Systems
* Evaluating imaging quality of the offner hyperspectrometer
* First Earth-Imaging CubeSat with Harmonic Diffractive Lens
* Fresnel lens imaging with post-capture image processing
Includes: Skidanov, R.[Roman] Skidanov, R.

Skidanov, R.V. Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Identification Using the Directions Fields

Skidmore, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Sentinel-2 and RapidEye for Retrieval of Leaf Area Index in a Saltmarsh Using a Radiative Transfer Model
* Assessing MODIS GPP in Non-Forested Biomes in Water Limited Areas Using EC Tower Data
* Classification of Tree Species as Well as Standing Dead Trees Using Triple Wavelength ALS in a Temperate Forest
* Comparative Evaluation of Algorithms for Leaf Area Index Estimation from Digital Hemispherical Photography through Virtual Forests
* Complementarity of Two Rice Mapping Approaches: Characterizing Strata Mapped by Hypertemporal MODIS and Rice Paddy Identification Using Multitemporal SAR
* Estimating Community-Level Plant Functional Traits in a Species-Rich Alpine Meadow Using UAV Image Spectroscopy
* Estimating Fire Background Temperature at a Geostationary Scale: An Evaluation of Contextual Methods for AHI-8
* Evaluating Prediction Models for Mapping Canopy Chlorophyll Content Across Biomes
* Mapping grassland leaf area index with airborne hyperspectral imagery: A comparison study of statistical approaches and inversion of radiative transfer models
* Mapping Multi-Decadal Mangrove Extent in the Northern Coast of Vietnam Using Landsat Time-Series Data on Google Earth Engine Platform
* Mapping Thermal Habitat Of Ectotherms Based On Behavioral Thermoregulation In A Controlled Thermal Environment
* Monitoring Coastal Water Body Health with Sentinel-2 MSI Imagery
* Relating X-band SAR Backscattering to Leaf Area Index of Rice in Different Phenological Phases
* Using Landsat Spectral Indices in Time-Series to Assess Wildfire Disturbance and Recovery
* Validating the Predictive Power of Statistical Models in Retrieving Leaf Dry Matter Content of a Coastal Wetland from a Sentinel-2 Image
Includes: Skidmore, A.[Andrew] Skidmore, A.
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Skidmore, A.K.[Andrew K.] Co Author Listing * 3D leaf water content mapping using terrestrial laser scanner backscatter intensity with radiometric correction
* Accurate modelling of canopy traits from seasonal Sentinel-2 imagery based on the vertical distribution of leaf traits
* Adaptive stopping criterion for top-down segmentation of ALS point clouds in temperate coniferous forests
* Automatic Counting of Large Mammals from Very High Resolution Panchromatic Satellite Imagery
* Changes in plant defense chemistry (pyrrolizidine alkaloids) revealed through high-resolution spectroscopy
* Changes in thermal infrared spectra of plants caused by temperature and water stress
* Comparative Performance Analysis Of A Hyper-temporal NDVI Analysis Approach and a Landscape-Ecological Mapping Approach
* Comparison of terrestrial LiDAR and digital hemispherical photography for estimating leaf angle distribution in European broadleaf beech forests
* Connecting infrared spectra with plant traits to identify species
* Effect of slope on treetop detection using a LiDAR Canopy Height Model
* Estimating Biochemical Parameters Of Tea (camellia Sinensis (l.)) Using Hyperspectral Techniques
* Evaluating Different Methods for Grass Nutrient Estimation from Canopy Hyperspectral Reflectance
* hyperspectral band selector for plant species discrimination, A
* Identifying leaf traits that signal stress in TIR spectra
* Impact of Vertical Canopy Position on Leaf Spectral Properties and Traits across Multiple Species
* Important LiDAR metrics for discriminating forest tree species in Central Europe
* Integrating Semi-Supervised Learning with an Expert System for Vegetation Cover Classification Using Sentinel-2 and RapidEye Data
* Integration of classification methods for improvement of land-cover map accuracy
* Integration of Landsat-8 Thermal and Visible-Short Wave Infrared Data for Improving Prediction Accuracy of Forest Leaf Area Index
* Large off-nadir scan angle of airborne LiDAR can severely affect the estimates of forest structure metrics
* Leaf Area Index Retrieved From Thermal Hyperspectral Data
* Linking Remote Sensing and Geodiversity and Their Traits Relevant to Biodiversity: Part I: Soil Characteristics
* Linking the Remote Sensing of Geodiversity and Traits Relevant to Biodiversity: Part II: Geomorphology, Terrain and Surfaces
* Machine Learning Using Hyperspectral Data Inaccurately Predicts Plant Traits Under Spatial Dependency
* Mapping Canopy Chlorophyll Content in a Temperate Forest Using Airborne Hyperspectral Data
* Mapping East African tropical forests and woodlands: A comparison of classifiers
* Mapping Forest Canopy Height Across Large Areas by Upscaling ALS Estimates with Freely Available Satellite Data
* Na´ve Overfitting Index Selection (NOIS): A new method to optimize model complexity for hyperspectral data, The
* Non-linear partial least square regression increases the estimation accuracy of grass nitrogen and phosphorus using in situ hyperspectral and environmental data
* post-classifier for mangrove mapping using ecological data, A
* Predicting foliar biochemistry of tea (Camellia sinensis) using reflectance spectra measured at powder, leaf and canopy levels
* Quantifying Marine Plastic Debris in a Beach Environment Using Spectral Analysis
* Quantifying the Effects of Normalisation of Airborne LiDAR Intensity on Coniferous Forest Leaf Area Index Estimations
* Remote sensing of forage nutrients: Combining ecological and spectral absorption feature data
* Remote Sensing of Geomorphodiversity Linked to Biodiversity: Part III: Traits, Processes and Remote Sensing Characteristics
* Retrieval of forest leaf functional traits from HySpex imagery using radiative transfer models and continuous wavelet analysis
* Retrieval of leaf area index in different plant species using thermal hyperspectral data
* Retrieval of leaf water content spanning the visible to thermal infrared spectra
* Role of Sampling Design When Predicting Spatially Dependent Ecological Data With Remote Sensing
* Sensitivity of Landsat-8 OLI and TIRS Data to Foliar Properties of Early Stage Bark Beetle (Ips typographus, L.) Infestation
* Significant effect of topographic normalization of airborne LiDAR data on the retrieval of plant area index profile in mountainous forests
* simple terrain relief index for tuning slope-related parameters of LiDAR ground filtering algorithms, A
* Understanding Boswellia papyrifera tree secondary metabolites through bark spectral analysis
* Understanding Forest Health with Remote Sensing, Part III: Requirements for a Scalable Multi-Source Forest Health Monitoring Network Based on Data Science Approaches
* Variation of leaf angle distribution quantified by terrestrial LiDAR in natural European beech forest
* Vegetation Indices for Mapping Canopy Foliar Nitrogen in a Mixed Temperate Forest
* Water-removed spectra increase the retrieval accuracy when estimating savanna grass nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations
* Wavelet-Based Area Parameter for Indirectly Estimating Copper Concentration in Carex Leaves from Canopy Reflectance, A
Includes: Skidmore, A.K.[Andrew K.] Skidmore, A.K.
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