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Shneiderman, B. Co Author Listing * Improving Healthcare with Interactive Visualization
* Interactive Dynamics for Visual Analysis
* Interactive Visual Event Analytics: Opportunities and Challenges
* Revisiting the Astonishing Growth of Human-Computer Interaction Research
* Visualization Methods for Personal Photo Collections: Browsing and Searching in the PhotoFinder
Includes: Shneiderman, B. Shneiderman, B.[Ben]

Shneier, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * email: Shneier, M.[Michael]: shneier AT cfar umd edu
* 3D Ground-Truth Systems for Object/Human Recognition and Tracking
* Clustering of Collinear Line Segments
* Exploiting the JPEG Compression Scheme for Image Retrieval
* Learning Approach Towards Detection and Tracking of Lane Markings, A
* Method for Finding Pairs of Antiparallel Straight Lines, A
Includes: Shneier, M.[Michael] Shneier, M.

Shneier, M.O. Co Author Listing * Border Extraction Using Linked Pyramids
* Calculations of Geometric Properties Using Quadtrees
* Compact Relational Structure Representation, A
* Describing a Robot's Workspace Using a Sequence of Views from a Moving Camera
* Extracting Compact Objects Using Linked Pyramids
* Extracting Linear Features from Images Using Pyramids
* Eyes for Automatons
* Grey Level Corner Detection: A Generalization and a Robust Real Time Implementation
* Incrementally Constructing a Spatial Representation Using a Moving Camera
* Model-Based Strategies for High-Level Robot Vision
* Prediction-Based Vision for Robot Control
* Recognition Using Semantic Constraints
* Two Hierarchical Linear Feature Representations: Edge Pyramids and Edge Quadtrees
* Using Pyramids to Define Local Thresholds for Blob Detection
* Using Pyramids to Detect Good Continuation
* Using Quadtrees to Smooth Images
Includes: Shneier, M.O. Shneier, M.O.[Michael O.]
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