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Shisanya, C. Co Author Listing * Normalization of Surface Anisotropy Effects Present in SEVIRI Reflectances by Using the MODIS BRDF Method, The

Shisgal, B.Z.[Ben Z.] Co Author Listing * Obstacle detection system for vehicles moving in reverse

Shishanov, S. Co Author Listing * Height-Finding for Automotive THz Radars

Shishegar, A.A. Co Author Listing * Electromagnetic Wave Scattering Analysis From 2-D Periodic Rough Surfaces Using Complex Images Technique

Shishibori, M.[Masami] Co Author Listing * method to Improve metric index VP-tree for multimedia databases, A

Shishido, C.[Chie] Co Author Listing * Method of inspecting pattern and apparatus thereof with a differential brightness image detection
* Pattern alignment method based on consistency among local registration candidates for LSI wafer pattern inspection

Shishido, H. Co Author Listing * Calibration method for sparse multi-view cameras by bridging with a mobile camera
* LB-NERF: Light Bending Neural Radiance Fields for Transparent Medium
* Neural Density-Distance Fields
* Smooth switching method for asynchronous multiple viewpoint videos using frame interpolation
* Smoothly switching method of asynchronous multi-view videos using frame interpolation
* Trajectory Estimation Method for Badminton Shuttlecock Utilizing Motion Blur, A
* Vehicle Localization in a Completed City-Scale 3D Scene Using Aerial Images and an On-Board Stereo Camera
Includes: Shishido, H. Shishido, H.[Hidehiko]
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Shishikui, Y.[Yoshiaki] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Overlapped Block Motion Compensation Based on a Statistical Motion Distribution Model
* Analysis of Space-dependent Characteristics of Motion-compensated Frame Differences
* Analysis of space-dependent characteristics of motion-compensated frame differences based on a statistical motion distribution model
* Coding and decoding of moving pictures based on sprite coding
* Development of 135 Mbit/s HDTV codec
* Do We Need Video Systems Beyond HDTV?
* High-Performance Video Codec for Super Hi-Vision
* High-Precision Camera Operation Parameter Measurement System and Its Application to Image Motion Inferring, A
* Quality-Of-Experience Evaluation of 8K Ultra-High-Definition Television
* Region support DCT (RS-DCT) for coding of arbitrarily shaped texture
* Robust Depth-map Estimation from Image Sequences with Precise Camera Operation Parameters
* Video coding with wavelet image size reduction and wavelet super resolution reconstruction
Includes: Shishikui, Y.[Yoshiaki] Shishikui, Y.
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Shishikura, M.[Masami] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Microscopic Image of Colorants Using U-net Based Deep Convolutional Networks for Material Appearance Design

Shishkin, S.L.[Serge L.] Co Author Listing * Total Variation Minimization with Separable Sensing Operator

Shishkonakova, E.[Ekaterina] Co Author Listing * Influence of Soil Background on Spectral Reflectance of Winter Wheat Crop Canopy

Shishkov, M. Co Author Listing * Repeatability Assessment of Intravascular Polarimetry in Patients

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