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Shifa, A.[Amna] Co Author Listing * Skin detection and lightweight encryption for privacy protection in real-time surveillance applications

Shiferaw, A.[Andualem] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Satellite-Based Rainfall Estimates and Application to Monitor Meteorological Drought for the Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia

Shiff, S.[Shilo] Co Author Listing * Optimizing Top Dressing Nitrogen Fertilization Using VENÁS and Sentinel-2 L1 Data
* Using Satellite Data to Optimize Wheat Yield and Quality under Climate Change

Shiffer, K.L.[Katerina L.] Co Author Listing * Method, apparatus and computer program product for tracking objects in a warped video image

Shiffman, S. Co Author Listing * Medical image segmentation using analysis of isolable-contour maps

Shiflett, G.D.[Gary D.] Co Author Listing * Coherent correlation addition for increasing match information in scene matching navigation systems

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