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Shasha, D. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Finding the Largest Approximately Common Substructures of Two Trees, An
* Crowdsourcing Thousands of Specialized Labels: A Bayesian Active Training Approach
* Finding approximate patterns in undirected acyclic graphs
* GraphGrep: a fast and universal method for querying graphs
Includes: Shasha, D. Shasha, D.[Dennis]

Shasha, D.E.[Dennis E.] Co Author Listing * SafePredict: A Meta-Algorithm for Machine Learning That Uses Refusals to Guarantee Correctness

Shashank, J. Co Author Listing * Private Content Based Image Retrieval

Shashant, R. Co Author Listing * Moving Object Detection for Event-based Vision using Graph Spectral Clustering

Shashar, N. Co Author Listing * Polarization Contrast Vision in Octopus
* Polarization Vision in Cuttlefish: A Concealed Communication Channel
* Portable Imaging Polarimeters

Shashavali, D. Co Author Listing * Towards Synthesizing Realistic Data for Efficient On-Device Image Deblurring

Shashi Kumar, M.S. Co Author Listing * Face distance estimation from a monocular camera

Shashidhar, K.G. Co Author Listing * Contribution of Telugu vowels in identifying emotions

Shashidhara, B.M. Co Author Listing * Instance Segmentation of Benthic Scale Worms at a Hydrothermal Site

Shashikala, K.P. Co Author Listing * Palmprint identification based on fusion of PCA and DT-CWT features

Shashikala, T.D. Co Author Listing * Some Studies on Measurement of Worn Surface by Digital Image Processing

Shashikant, V.[Veena] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Field and SAR-Derived Descriptors in the Retrieval of Soil Moisture from Oil Palm Crops Using PALSAR-2
* Vegetation Effects on Soil Moisture Retrieval from Water Cloud Model Using PALSAR-2 for Oil Palm Trees

Shashikiran, K. Co Author Listing * Creation of a Huge Annotated Database for Tamil and Kannada OHR
* Online Character Recognition using Regression Techniques
* Online Handwritten Kannada Word Recognizer with Unrestricted Vocabulary

Shashikumar, D.R.[Dandinashivara Revanna] Co Author Listing * Cucumber disease detection using adaptively regularised kernel-based fuzzy C-means and probabilistic neural network

Shashkov, M.M. Co Author Listing * Depth data assisted structure-from-motion parameter optimization and feature track correction
* Efficient dense reconstruction using geometry and image consistency constraints

Shashua, A.[Amnon] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Shashua, A.[Amnon]: shashua AT cs huji ac il
* 3D Reconstruction from Tangent-of-Sight Measurements of a Moving Object Seen from a Moving Camera
* Affine 3-D Reconstruction from Two Projective Images of Independently Translating Planes
* Algebraic Descriptions of Relative Affine Structure: Connections to Euclidean, Affine and Projective Structure
* Algebraic Functions for Recognition
* Ambiguity in Reconstruction from Images of Six Points
* Computer Vision System on a Chip: A case study from the automotive domain, A
* Correspondence and Affine Shape from Two Orthographic Views: Motion and Recognition
* Crowd detection in video sequences
* Deep SimNets
* Direct Estimation of Motion and Extended Scene Structure from a Moving Stereo Rig
* Direct Methods for Estimation of Structure and Motion from Three Views
* Duality of Multi-Point and Multi-Frame Geometry: Fundamental Shape Matrices and Tensors
* Elimination: An Approach to the Study of 3D-from-2D
* Example Based Image Analysis and Synthesis
* Example-based image analysis and synthesis using pixelwise correspondence
* Feature selection for unsupervised and supervised inference: The emergence of sparsity in a weighted-based approach
* Forward collision warning with a single camera
* Gene Selection via a Spectral Approach
* Geometric and Algebraic Aspects of 3D Affine and Projective Structures from Perspective 2D Views
* Geometric Invariant for Visual Recognition and 3D Reconstruction from Two Perspective/Orthographic Views, A
* Geometry and Photometry in 3D Visual Recognition
* Grouping Contours by Iterated Pairing Network
* Guest Editorial, Medical Special Issue
* Homography Tensors: On Algebraic Entities That Represent Three Views of Static or Moving Planar Points
* Join Tensors: On 3D-to-3D Alignment of Dynamic Sets
* Kernel Feature Selection with Side Data Using a Spectral Approach
* Kernel principal angles for classification machines with applications to image sequence interpretation
* Latent Model Clustering and Applications to Visual Recognition
* Learning over sets using kernel principal angles
* Linear Image Coding for Regression and Classification using the Tensor-rank Principle
* Manifold pursuit: a new approach to appearance based recognition
* Model-Based Brightness Constraints: On Direct Estimation of Structure and Motion
* Multi-Frame Infinitesimal Motion Model for the Reconstruction of (Dynamic) Scenes with Multiple Linearly Moving Objects
* Multi-Sensor Representation of Extended Scenes Using Multi-View Geometry
* Multi-way Clustering Using Super-Symmetric Non-negative Tensor Factorization
* Multiple View Geometry of General Algebraic Curves
* Multiple View Geometry of Non-planar Algebraic Curves
* Non-Rigid Parallax for 3D Linear Motion
* Nonnegative Sparse PCA
* Novel View Synthesis in Tensor Space
* Off-road Path Following using Region Classification and Geometric Projection Constraints
* Omni-rig Sensors: What Can be Done with a Non-rigid Vision Platform
* Omni-Rig: Linear Self-Recalibration of a Rig with Varying Internal and External Parameters
* On Calibration and Reconstruction from Planar Curves
* On Degeneracy of Linear Reconstruction From Three Views: Linear Line Complex and Applications
* On Dynamic SFM and Other Recent Advances in Realtime Video Processing for Mobile Platforms
* On Photometric Issues in 3D Visual Recognition from a Single 2D Image
* On Projection Matrices P^k, -> P^2, k=,3..., 6, and their Applications in Computer Vision
* On the Reprojection of 3D and 2D Scenes Without Explicit Model Selection
* On the Structure and Properties of the Quadrifocal Tensor
* On the Synthesis of Dynamic Scenes from Reference Views
* Parallel Decomposition Solver for SVM: Distributed dual ascend using Fenchel Duality, A
* Pedestrian detection for driving assistance systems: Single-frame classification and system level performance
* pLSA for Sparse Arrays With Tsallis Pseudo-Additive Divergence: Noise Robustness and Algorithm
* Principal Component Analysis over Continuous Subspaces and Intersection of Half-Spaces
* Probabilistic graph and hypergraph matching
* Projective Depth: A Geometric Invariant for 3D Reconstruction from Two Perspective/Orthographic Views and for Visual Recognition
* Projective Invariant and Structure from Two Perspective/Orthographic Views: Motion and Recognition
* Projective Structure from Uncalibrated Images: Structure-from-Motion and Recognition
* Q-Warping: Direct Computation of Quadratic Reference Surfaces
* Quadric Reference Surface: Applications in Registering Views of Complex 3D Objects, The
* Quadric Reference Surface: Theory and Applications, The
* Quotient Image: Class Based Recognition and Synthesis Under Varying Illumination Conditions, The
* Quotient Image: Class-Based Re-Rendering and Recognition with Varying Illuminations, The
* Rank 4 Constraint in Multiple (over 3) View Geometry, The
* Relative Affine Structure: Canonical Model for 3D from 2D Geometry and Applications
* Relative Affine Structure: Theory and Application to 3D Reconstruction from Perspective Views
* Revisiting Single-View Shape Tensors: Theory and Applications
* Robust Recovery of Camera Rotation from Three Frames
* Semi-explicit Shape Model for Multi-object Detection and Classification, The
* Shape Tensors for Efficient and Learnable Indexing
* Solid or not solid: vision for radar target validation
* Sparse Image Coding Using a 3D Non-Negative Tensor Factorization
* Structural Saliency: The Detection of Globally Salient Structures Using a Locally Connected Network
* System and method for reconstructing surface elements of solid objects in a three-dimensional scene from a plurality of two dimensional images of the scene
* Tensor Embedding of the Fundamental Matrix
* Threading Fundamental Matrices
* Time-varying Shape Tensors for Scenes with Multiply Moving Points
* Trajectory Triangulation of Lines: Reconstruction of a 3D Point Moving Along a Line from a Monocular Image Sequence
* Trajectory Triangulation over Conic Sections
* Trajectory Triangulation: 3D Reconstruction of Moving Points from a Monocular Image Sequence
* Trilinear Constraints Revisited: Generalized Trilinear Constraints and the Tensor Brightness Constraint
* Trilinearity in Visual Recognition by Alignment
* Trilinearity of Three Perspective Views and its Associated Tensor
* Two-body Segmentation from Two Perspective Views
* Unifying Approach to Hard and Probabilistic Clustering, A
* Unifying Two-View and Three-View Geometry
Includes: Shashua, A.[Amnon] Shashua, A.
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Shasky, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * Deep-learning framework to detect lung abnormality: A study with chest X-Ray and lung CT scan images
* Evaluating the performance of face sketch generation using generative adversarial networks

Shastri, B.J.[Bhavin J.] Co Author Listing * Face recognition using localized features based on non-negative sparse coding

Shastri, D.[Dvijesh] Co Author Listing * Automatic Initiation of the Periorbital Signal Extraction in Thermal Imagery
* Automatic Thermal Monitoring System (ATHEMOS) for Deception Detection
* Imaging Facial Physiology for the Detection of Deceit
* Perinasal Imaging of Physiological Stress and Its Affective Potential
* Perinasal indicators of deceptive behavior
* Perinasal indicators of malevolence
Includes: Shastri, D.[Dvijesh] Shastri, D.

Shastri, L. Co Author Listing * Handprinted Digit Recognition Using Spatiotemporal Connectionist Models

Shastri, S.[Shounak] Co Author Listing * Dual image reversible data hiding using trinary assignment and centre folding strategy with low distortion
* LiteCovidNet: A lightweight deep neural network model for detection of COVID-19 using X-ray images
Includes: Shastri, S.[Shounak] Shastri, S.[Sourabh]

Shastri, Y.[Yesha] Co Author Listing * Recent Advances in Video Question Answering: A Review of Datasets and Methods

Shastry, A.C. Co Author Listing * Airborne video registration and traffic-flow parameter estimation

Shastry, M.C. Co Author Listing * Portable Real-Time Digital Noise Radar System for Through-the-Wall Imaging, A

Shastry, P.[Pavan] Co Author Listing * Surround View Camera Solution for Embedded Systems, A

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