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Sha'ameri, A.Z. Co Author Listing * Performance Analysis of Sispelsat MSK-DGNSS Radio Signal In Peninsular Malaysia

Sha, A.M.[Ai Min] Co Author Listing * Image-Based Molding Effect Analysis of HWTD Sample
Includes: Sha, A.M.[Ai Min] Sha, A.M.[Ai-Min]

Sha, C.[Chunshi] Co Author Listing * Merging dominant sets and DBSCAN for robust clustering and image segmentation

Sha, C.S.[Chun Shi] Co Author Listing * Density Based Cluster Extension and Dominant Sets Clustering
* Dominant Set Based Data Clustering and Image Segmentation
* robust 2D Otsu's thresholding method in image segmentation, A
Includes: Sha, C.S.[Chun Shi] Sha, C.S.[Chun-Shi]

Sha, D.[Dexuan] Co Author Listing * Open-air grape classification and its application in parcel-level risk assessment of late frost in the eastern Helan Mountains
* PreciPatch: A Dictionary-based Precipitation Downscaling Method
* Spatiotemporal Patterns and Driving Factors on Crime Changing During Black Lives Matter Protests
* Unsupervised Adversarial Domain Adaptation with Error-Correcting Boundaries and Feature Adaption Metric for Remote-Sensing Scene Classification

Sha, D.X.[De Xuan] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Patterns of COVID-19 Impact on Human Activities and Environment in Mainland China Using Nighttime Light and Air Quality Data
Includes: Sha, D.X.[De Xuan] Sha, D.X.[De-Xuan]

Sha, E. Co Author Listing * crowddeliver: Planning City-Wide Package Delivery Paths Leveraging the Crowd of Taxis

Sha, E.H.M.[E. H. M.] Co Author Listing * Quality-of-Experience-Oriented Autonomous Intersection Control in Vehicular Networks

Sha, F.[Fei] Co Author Listing * Aligning Where to See and What to Tell: Image Captioning with Region-Based Attention and Scene-Specific Contexts
* Classifier and Exemplar Synthesis for Zero-Shot Learning
* Cross-Dataset Adaptation for Visual Question Answering
* Cross-Modal and Hierarchical Modeling of Video and Text
* Decorrelating Semantic Visual Attributes by Resisting the Urge to Share
* Deformable Spatial Pyramid Matching for Fast Dense Correspondences
* Empirical Study and Analysis of Generalized Zero-Shot Learning for Object Recognition in the Wild, An
* FastMask: Segment Multi-scale Object Candidates in One Shot
* Few-Shot Learning via Embedding Adaptation With Set-to-Set Functions
* Geodesic flow kernel for unsupervised domain adaptation
* Invariant-Feature Based Object Tracking Using Discrete Dynamic Swarm Optimization
* Learning Answer Embeddings for Visual Question Answering
* Learning Globally-Consistent Local Distance Functions for Shape-Based Image Retrieval and Classification
* Learning Kernels for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Applications to Visual Object Recognition
* Novel Optimized Watermark Embedding Scheme for Digital Images, A
* Predicting Pedestrian Counts in Crowded Scenes With Rich and High-Dimensional Features
* Predicting Visual Exemplars of Unseen Classes for Zero-Shot Learning
* Retrospective Encoders for Video Summarization
* Sharing features between objects and their attributes
* Summary Transfer: Exemplar-Based Subset Selection for Video Summarization
* Synthesized Classifiers for Zero-Shot Learning
* Video Summarization with Long Short-Term Memory
Includes: Sha, F.[Fei] Sha, F. Sha, F.[Feng]
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Sha, H. Co Author Listing * CDVA/VCM: Language for Intelligent and Autonomous Vehicles

Sha, H.J.[Hong Jun] Co Author Listing * Building Shadow Detection on Ghost Images
Includes: Sha, H.J.[Hong Jun] Sha, H.J.[Hong-Jun]

Sha, J.[Jie] Co Author Listing * Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects at Intersections Using a Network of Laser Scanners
* FPGA-based low-complexity high-throughput real-time hardware accelerator for robust watermarking
* Modeling the Spatial Dynamics of Soil Organic Carbon Using Remotely-Sensed Predictors in Fuzhou City, China
* Remotely Sensed Ecological Protection Redline and Security Pattern Construction: A Comparative Analysis of Pingtan (China) and Durban (South Afric
* Satellite Observations of Wind Wake and Associated Oceanic Thermal Responses: A Case Study of Hainan Island Wind Wake
Includes: Sha, J.[Jie] Sha, J.[Jin] Sha, J.[Jinming]

Sha, J.M.[Jin Ming] Co Author Listing * Geographically Weighted Regression Effects on Soil Zinc Content Hyperspectral Modeling by Applying the Fractional-Order Differential
Includes: Sha, J.M.[Jin Ming] Sha, J.M.[Jin-Ming]

Sha, L. Co Author Listing * End-to-End Camera Calibration for Broadcast Videos
* Graph Laplacian Regularization With Sparse Coding for Image Restoration and Representation
* Large-Scale Analysis of Formations in Soccer
* Predicting Ball Ownership in Basketball from a Monocular View Using Only Player Trajectories
* Safety-Assured Model-Driven Design of the Multifunction Vehicle Bus Controller
* Swimmer Localization from a Moving Camera
* Toward Physiology-Aware DASH: Bandwidth-Compliant Prioritized Clinical Multimedia Communication in Ambulances
* Understanding and analyzing a large collection of archived swimming videos
Includes: Sha, L. Sha, L.[Long]
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Sha, L.D.[Ling Dao] Co Author Listing * Dual graph regularized sparse coding for image representation
Includes: Sha, L.D.[Ling Dao] Sha, L.D.[Ling-Dao]

Sha, L.F.[Li Feng] Co Author Listing * Combining exclusive and continuous fingerprint classification
* Fingerprint Matching Using Minutiae and Interpolation-based Square Tessellation Fingercode
* Improved fingercode for filterbank-based fingerprint matching
* Minutiae-based Fingerprint Matching Using Subset Combination
* Orientation-improved minutiae for fingerprint matching
* Two-Stage Fusion Scheme using Multiple Fingerprint Impressions, A
Includes: Sha, L.F.[Li Feng] Sha, L.F.[Li-Feng]

Sha, M.K.[Mahesh Kumar] Co Author Listing * Change of CO Concentration Due to the COVID-19 Lockdown in China Observed by Surface and Satellite Observations
* Evaluation and Analysis of the Seasonal Cycle and Variability of the Trend from GOSAT Methane Retrievals

Sha, P.[Peng] Co Author Listing * In-Situ Block Characterization of Jointed Rock Exposures Based on a 3D Point Cloud Model

Sha, R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Control Strategies for Urban Network Traffic via a Decentralized Approach With User-Optimal Routing

Sha, S. Co Author Listing * Recognition and Information Extraction of Grid Wiring Diagram Based on Convolutional Neural Network, The

Sha, T.[Te] Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Surface Deformation Characteristics Based on Time Series InSAR and GPS Technologies in Beijing, China

Sha, X.[Xuan] Co Author Listing * Active Contours Driven by Local Rayleigh Distribution Fitting Energy for Ultrasound Image Segmentation
* Low Complexity Equalization of HCM Systems with DPFFT Demodulation over Doubly-Selective Channels
Includes: Sha, X.[Xuan] Sha, X.

Sha, X.J.[Xue Jun] Co Author Listing * Image scaling algorithm using multichannel sampling in the linear canonical transform domain
* Sampling expansion in function spaces associated with the linear canonical transform
Includes: Sha, X.J.[Xue Jun] Sha, X.J.[Xue-Jun]

Sha, X.W.[Xin Wei] Co Author Listing * Enactive Steering of an Experiential Model of the Atmosphere

Sha, Y.[Yang] Co Author Listing * 3D head model retrieval in kernel feature space using HSOM
* Indexing and retrieval of 3D models by unsupervised clustering with hierarchical SOM
* On the Variation of NDVI with the Principal Climatic Elements in the Tibetan Plateau
Includes: Sha, Y.[Yang] Sha, Y.

Sha, Y.H.[Yu Heng] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Image Segmentation Using Contourlet Domain Hidden Markov Trees Model
Includes: Sha, Y.H.[Yu Heng] Sha, Y.H.[Yu-Heng]

Sha, Z. Co Author Listing * Boundary-enhanced Supervoxel Method for Extraction of Road Edges In MLS Point Clouds, A
* Research On Spatial Topological Association Rules Mining, A

Sha, Z.C.[Zhi Chao] Co Author Listing * ICA-based direction-of-arrival estimation of uncorrelated and coherent signals with uniform linear array
Includes: Sha, Z.C.[Zhi Chao] Sha, Z.C.[Zhi-Chao]

Sha, Z.J.[Zi Jun] Co Author Listing * Deep learning and optimization algorithms for automatic breast cancer detection
Includes: Sha, Z.J.[Zi Jun] Sha, Z.J.[Zi-Jun]

Sha, Z.R.[Zhi Ren] Co Author Listing * Understanding drivers' route choice behaviours in the urban network with machine learning models
Includes: Sha, Z.R.[Zhi Ren] Sha, Z.R.[Zhi-Ren]

Sha, Z.Y.[Zong Yao] Co Author Listing * Classifying historical remotely sensed imagery using a tempo-spatial feature evolution (T-SFE) model
* CO2 Concentration, A Critical Factor Influencing the Relationship between Solar-induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Gross Primary Productivity
* Mapping the Changes in Urban Greenness Based on Localized Spatial Association Analysis under Temporal Context Using MODIS Data
* Parallel Agent-as-a-Service (P-AaaS) Based Geospatial Service in the Cloud
Includes: Sha, Z.Y.[Zong Yao] Sha, Z.Y.[Zong-Yao]

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