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Semsar Kazerooni, E.[Elham] Co Author Listing * Cooperative Automated Maneuvering at the 2016 Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge
* Graceful Degradation of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on the 2016 Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge
Includes: Semsar Kazerooni, E.[Elham] Semsar-Kazerooni, E.[Elham] Semsar-Kazerooni, E.

Semsarzadeh, M.[Mehdi] Co Author Listing * fine-grain distortion and complexity aware parameter tuning model for the H.264/AVC encoder, A
* generic, comprehensive and granular decoder complexity model for the H.264/AVC standard, A
* receiver aware H.264/AVC encoder for decoder complexity control in mobile applications, A
* Video Encoding Acceleration in Cloud Gaming
Includes: Semsarzadeh, M.[Mehdi] Semsarzadeh, M.

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