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Sedigh Ali, S.[Sahra] Co Author Listing * Proxy Servers for Scalable Interactive Video Support
Includes: Sedigh Ali, S.[Sahra] Sedigh-Ali, S.[Sahra]

Sedighi, A.[Amir] Co Author Listing * Automated Built-Up Extraction Index: A New Technique for Mapping Surface Built-Up Areas Using LANDSAT 8 OLI Imagery
* Homogeneity Distance Classification Algorithm (HDCA): A Novel Algorithm for Satellite Image Classification
* PCA-OLS Model for Assessing the Impact of Surface Biophysical Parameters on Land Surface Temperature Variations, A

Sedighi, E. Co Author Listing * Combination of score level fusion methods in receiver operating characteristic space

Sedighi, M. Co Author Listing * Proposing a New Method for Encrypting Satellite Images Based On Hash Function and Chaos Parameters

Sedighi, S.[Saeid] Co Author Listing * DoA Estimation Using Low-Resolution Multi-Bit Sparse Array Measurements

Sedighi, V. Co Author Listing * Effect of saturated pixels on security of steganographic schemes for digital images

Sedighin, F. Co Author Listing * Matrix and Tensor Completion in Multiway Delay Embedded Space Using Tensor Train, With Application to Signal Reconstruction

Sedighizad, M. Co Author Listing * Gradient of the Mutual Information in Stochastic Systems: A Functional Approach

Sedighkia, M.[Mahdi] Co Author Listing * Predicting Water Quality Distribution of Lakes through Linking Remote Sensing-Based Monitoring and Machine Learning Simulation
* Suitability Assessment of Cage Fish Farming Location in Reservoirs through Neural Networks-Based Remote Sensing Analysis

Sedile, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Medieval Archaeology Under the Canopy with LiDAR. The (Re)Discovery of a Medieval Fortified Settlement in Southern Italy

Sedina, J. Co Author Listing * Archaeological Documentation Of A Defunct Iraqi Town
* Building Facade Documentation Using Laser Scanning And Photogrammetry And Data Implementation Into Bim
* Combined Precise Documentation and Virtual Reconstruction of Prophet Nahum Shrine in Alqosh, Iraq
* Complex Archaeological Prospection Using Combination of Non-destructive Techniques
* Modern Processing Capabilities of Analog Data from Documentation of the Great Omayyad Mosque in Aleppo, Syria, Damaged In Civil War
* RPAS Accuracy Testing for Using It in the Cadastre of Real Estates of The Czech Republic
* Using Remote Sensing And Rpas For Archaeology And Monitoring In Western Greenland
* Using Remotely Sensed Data For Documentation Of Archaeological Sites In Northeastern Mesopotamia
Includes: Sedina, J. Šedina, J.
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Sediq, A.B.[Akram Bin] Co Author Listing * Global Optimization of Long-Term Average Proportional Fair Throughput via Convex Reformulation

Sedivy, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Djinn: Interaction Framework for Home Environment Using Speech and Vision
* Interaction framework for home environment using speech and vision
Includes: Sedivy, J.[Jan] Šedivý, J.[Jan]

Sedivy, R. Co Author Listing * Image statistics and data mining of anal intraepithelial neoplasia

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