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Sahu, A.[Anshuman] Co Author Listing * Examining the Spectral Separability of Prosopis Glandulosa from Co-Existent Species Using Field Spectral Measurement and Guided Regularized Random Forest
* Image denoising with a multi-phase kernel principal component approach and an ensemble version
* Shot Level Egocentric Video Co-summarization
Includes: Sahu, A.[Anshuman] Sahu, A.

Sahu, D.K.[Devendra K] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised feature learning for optical character recognition

Sahu, N.[Nilkanta] Co Author Listing * SIFT based robust image watermarking resistant to resolution scaling
* SIFT based video watermarking resistant to temporal scaling

Sahu, P.[Pritish] Co Author Listing * Filling in the blanks: reconstructing microscopic crowd motion from multiple disparate noisy sensors

Sahu, P.K. Co Author Listing * Audio visual isolated Hindi digits recognition using HMM
* BAHG: Back-Bone-Assisted Hop Greedy Routing for VANET's City Environments
* Binary-Partition-Assisted MAC-Layer Broadcast for Emergency Message Dissemination in VANETs
* Congestion-Controlled-Coordinator-Based MAC for Safety-Critical Message Transmission in VANETs
* Curvelet-based multiscale denoising using non-local means and guided image filter
* DMAP: Density Map Service in City Environments
* Dynamic Hierarchical Aggregation for Vehicular Sensing
Includes: Sahu, P.K. Sahu, P.K.[Prasanna K.]
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Sahu, S.[Sangeeta] Co Author Listing * Intensity-based registration of medical images

Sahu, S.K.[Sandeep Kumar] Co Author Listing * Proximal maximum margin matrix factorization for collaborative filtering

Sahu, S.S.[Sitanshu Sekhar] Co Author Listing * Detecting anomalous crowd behavior using correlation analysis of optical flow

Sahu, V. Co Author Listing * IMU-Based Robust Human Activity Recognition using Feature Analysis, Extraction, and Reduction

Sahu, V.P.[Ved Prakash] Co Author Listing * Variational Bayes Adapted GMM Based Models for Audio Clip Classification

Sahuguet, M.[Mathilde] Co Author Listing * Linking text and visual concepts semantically for cross modal multimedia search
* Mining the Web for Multimedia-Based Enriching

Sahula, V.[Vineet] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of facial feature points in image sequences
* Features classification using geometrical deformation feature vector of support vector machine and active appearance algorithm for automatic facial expression recognition

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