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Sadka, A.[Abdul] Co Author Listing * Adaptive fusion of particle filtering and spatio-temporal motion energy for human tracking

Sadka, A.H.[Abdul Hamid] Co Author Listing * Advanced deep learning for image super-resolution
* Application of semantic features in face recognition
* Automatic scalable face model design for 2D model-based video coding
* Automatic Single View-Based 3-D Face Synthesis for Unsupervised Multimedia Applications
* Combining Perceptual Features With Diffusion Distance for Face Recognition
* Computation of virtual environment from stereo-panoramic view
* Error Resilience Improvement for Block Transform Video Coders
* Error-resilient video transcoding for robust internetwork communications using GPRS
* Implementation of error resilience technique for Multiview Video Coding
* Investigating 3D holoscopic visual content upsampling using super-resolution for cultural heritage digitization
* Multimodal Biometric Human Recognition for Perceptual Human-Computer Interaction
* Nonrigid Structure-From-Motion From 2-D Images Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Includes: Sadka, A.H.[Abdul Hamid] Sadka, A.H.[Abdul H.] Sadka, A.H.
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Sadkhn, S. Co Author Listing * No-reference quality metric for watermarked images based on combining of objective metrics using neural network

Sadki, M. Co Author Listing * Correspondence analysis applied to textural features recognition

Sadkov, A.[Andrey] Co Author Listing * SmartPortraits: Depth Powered Handheld Smartphone Dataset of Human Portraits for State Estimation, Reconstruction and Synthesis

Sadkowski, R.[Rafal] Co Author Listing * ALS-Based Detection of Past Human Activities in the Bialowieza Forest: New Evidence of Unknown Remains of Past Agricultural Systems

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