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Sabra, A.[Ahmad] Co Author Listing * Aspherical Lens Design and Imaging

Sabre, R.[Rachid] Co Author Listing * Evolutionary Spectrum for Random Field and Missing Observations

Sabrekov, A.[Aleksandr] Co Author Listing * Mapping Onshore CH4 Seeps in Western Siberian Floodplains Using Convolutional Neural Network

Sabri, A. Co Author Listing * Road traffic mortality in Morocco: Analysis of statistical data
* Road Traffic: Deep Q-learning Agent Control Traffic lights in the intersection.
* Survey on Educational Data Mining 2014-2019], A
Includes: Sabri, A. Sabri, A.[Abdelouahed]

Sabri, A.Q.M.[A.Q. Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Human action classification using surf based spatio-temporal correlated descriptors

Sabri, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Extending HOC-based methods for identifying the diagonal parameters of quadratic systems
* New Gabor Filter Based Kernel for Texture Classification with SVM, A
* Optimized space frequency kernel for texture classification
* Spatial Resolution and Vacuum Channeling Phenomenon of the Neutron Transmission through Protection Screen, A
Includes: Sabri, M.[Mohamed] Sabri, M.[Mahdi] Sabri, M.

Sabri, M.A.[My Abdelouahed] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Classification of Skin Cancer Based on Deep Learning Approach
* approach for revising a fuzzy logic controller using Q-learning algorithm, An
* Comparative study between HDLs simulation and Matlab for image processing
* comparison between two methods of object detection: Fast Yolo model and Delaunay Triangulation, The
* Deep neural network dynamic traffic routing system for vehicles
* review on image mining, A
* Road traffic: Vehicle detection and classification
* Skin Cancer Diagnosis Using an Improved Ensemble Machine Learning model
* study of lesion skin segmentation, features selection and classification approaches, A
* Traffic flow prediction using neural network
Includes: Sabri, M.A.[My Abdelouahed] Sabri, M.A.
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Sabri, M.S. Co Author Listing * Image Sequence Coding

Sabri, S. Co Author Listing * Coding of Broadcast TV Signals for Transmission over Satellite Channels
* Consistent Population Synthesis With Multi-Social Relationships Based on Tensor Decomposition
* Editorial: Geospatial Understanding of Sustainable Urban Analytics Using Remote Sensing
* From IFC to 3D Tiles: An Integrated Open-Source Solution for Visualising BIMs on Cesium
* Movement Compensated Interframe Prediction for NTSC Color TV Signals
* Multi-dimensional Analytics Platform to Support Planning and Design For Liveable and Sustainable Urban Environment, A
* Noise Reduction in Image Sequences Using Motion-Compensated Temporal Filtering
* Supervised Low-Rank Method for Learning Invariant Subspaces, A
* Three-Dimensional Rule-Based City Modelling to Support Urban Redevelopment Process
Includes: Sabri, S. Sabri, S.[Samer] Sabri, S.[Soheil] Sabri, S.[Sinan]
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Sabrin, H. Co Author Listing * Mosaic generation for under vehicle inspection

Sabrin, K.M.[Kaeser M.] Co Author Listing * Intensity and Size Invariant Real Time Face Recognition Approach, An

Sabrin, S.[Samain] Co Author Listing * Developing Vulnerability Index to Quantify Urban Heat Islands Effects Coupled with Air Pollution: A Case Study of Camden, NJ

Sabrina, S.[Sabiha] Co Author Listing * Impact of Land Use/Land Cover Change on Landslide Susceptibility in Rangamati Municipality of Rangamati District, Bangladesh

Sabry, R. Co Author Listing * Terrain and Surface Modeling Using Polarimetric SAR Data Features
* Unified Framework for General Compact and Quad Polarimetric SAR Data and Imagery Analysis, A

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