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Royce, M. Co Author Listing * Fusion of Multiple Sensor Data to Recognise Moving Objects in Wide Area Motion Imagery

Roychowdhury, K. Co Author Listing * Comparison Between Spectral, Spatial And Polarimetric Classification Of Urban And Periurban Landcover Using Temporal Sentinel: 1 Images
* Nexus of Health and Development: Modelling Crude Birth Rate and Maternal Mortality Ratio Using Nighttime Satellite Images
* Night-Time Lights and Levels of Development: A Study Using Dmspols Night Time Images at the Sub-National Level
Includes: Roychowdhury, K. Roychowdhury, K.[Koel]

Roychowdhury, P.[Pinaki] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Approach to Landform Classification of Satellite Images Using a Fusion Strategy, A

Roychowdhury, V.P. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Stochastic-Approximation Algorithm for Simultaneous Diagonalization of Matrix Sequences with Applications, An
* Algorithms for coplanar camera calibration
* Efficient Contrast-Enhancement Method Using the Analog-to-Digital Converter, An
* Models and Algorithms for a Real-Time Hybrid Image-Enhancement Methodology
* Nonlinear Gauss-Seidel Algorithm for Noncoplanar and Coplanar Camera Calibration with Convergence Analysis, A
Includes: Roychowdhury, V.P. Roychowdhury, V.P.[Vwani P.]

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