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Roupa, I.[Ivo] Co Author Listing * Sticks and STONES may build my bones: Deep learning reconstruction of limb rotations in stick figures

Roupakia, Z. Co Author Listing * Kernel Eigenvoices (Revisited) for Large-Vocabulary Speech Recognition

Roupe, M.[Mattias] Co Author Listing * 3D-City Modeling: A Semi-automatic Framework for Integrating Different Terrain Models
Includes: Roupe, M.[Mattias] Roupé, M.[Mattias]

Rouphail, N.M.[Nagui M.] Co Author Listing * Data-driven approach for identifying spatiotemporally recurrent bottlenecks

Roupioz, L.[Laure] Co Author Listing * Correction for the Impact of the Surface Characteristics on the Estimation of the Effective Emissivity at Fine Resolution in Urban Areas
* Estimation of Daily Solar Radiation Budget at Kilometer Resolution over the Tibetan Plateau by Integrating MODIS Data Products and a DEM
* Improved Surface Reflectance from Remote Sensing Data with Sub-Pixel Topographic Information
* repeatable change detection approach to map extreme storm-related damages caused by intense surface runoff based on optical and SAR remote sensing: Evidence from three case studies in the South of France, A
* Supervised Classification Methods for Automatic Damage Detection Caused By Heavy Rainfall Using Multitemporal High Resolution Optical Imagery And Auxiliary Data
Includes: Roupioz, L.[Laure] Roupioz, L.

Roupsard, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Global Surface Net-Radiation at 5 km from MODIS Terra

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