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Ronkanen, A.K.[Anna Kaisa] Co Author Listing * Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Structure-From-Motion (SfM) for Monitoring the Changed Flow Paths and Wetness in Minerotrophic Peatland Restoration
Includes: Ronkanen, A.K.[Anna Kaisa] Ronkanen, A.K.[Anna-Kaisa]

Ronke, J. Co Author Listing * On Properties of Discretized Convex Curves

Ronkka, R.[Risto] Co Author Listing * Object detection for dynamic adaptation of interconnections in inkjet printed electronics
* Point Pattern Matching for 2-D Point Sets with Regular Structure
Includes: Ronkka, R.[Risto] Rönkkä, R.[Risto] (Maybe also Roenkkae, R.)

Ronkko, M. Co Author Listing * Situational Knowledge Representation for Traffic Observed by a Pavement Vibration Sensor Network

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