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Roach, C.[Charlotte] Co Author Listing * SLP: A Zero-contact Non-invasive Method for Pulmonary Function Testing

Roach, J.H. Co Author Listing * Recovery from Sensor Failure in an Evolving Multiobjective Swarm

Roach, J.W. Co Author Listing * CAD System Based on Spherical Dual Representations, A
* Computer Tracking of Objects Moving in Space
* Computer Tracking of Three Dimensional Objects
* Determining the Movement of Objects from a Sequence of Images
* Spherical Dual Images: A 3D Representation Method for Solid Objects that Combines Dual Space and Gaussian Spheres
* Survey: Representation Methods in Three-Dimensional Objects
* Using Domain Knowledge in Low-Level Visual Processing to Interpret Handwritten Music: An Experiment
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Roach, M.[Matt] Co Author Listing * Deep Visual Place Recognition for Waterborne Domains
* Estimating Bedding Orientation From High-Resolution Digital Elevation Models
Includes: Roach, M.[Matt] Roach, M.

Roach, M.J. Co Author Listing * Acoustic and Facial Features for Speaker Recognition
* Camera Motion Extraction Using Correlation for Motion-Based Video Classification
Includes: Roach, M.J. Roach, M.J.[Matthew J.]

Roach, S. Co Author Listing * Relative Spatial Pose Estimation for Autonomous Grasping

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