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Rhee, C.E.[Chae Eun] Co Author Listing * AAGAN: Accuracy-Aware Generative Adversarial Network for Supervised Tasks
* Beyond Semantic to Instance Segmentation: Weakly-Supervised Instance Segmentation via Semantic Knowledge Transfer and Self-Refinement
* Cascaded Direction Filtering for Fast Multidirectional Inter-Prediction in H.264/AVC Main and High Profile Compression
* Complexity Reduction by Modified Scale-Space Construction in SIFT Generation Optimized for a Mobile GPU
* Data Orchestration for Accelerating GPU-Based Light Field Rendering Aiming at a Wide Virtual Space
* Early Decision of Prediction Direction with Hierarchical Correlation for HEVC Compression
* EGformer: Equirectangular Geometry-biased Transformer for 360 Depth Estimation
* Fast Hardware-Based IME With an Idle Cycle and Computational Redundancy Reduction
* Fast Integer Motion Estimation With Bottom-Up Motion Vector Prediction for an HEVC Encoder
* Flexibly Connectable Light Field System For Free View Exploration
* H.264 High-Profile Intra-Prediction with Adaptive Selection Between the Parallel and Pipelined Executions of Prediction Modes, An
* Low-Power Video Recording System With Multiple Operation Modes for H.264 and Light-Weight Compression, A
* Merge Mode Estimation for a Hardware-Based HEVC Encoder
* Novel Hardware Architecture of the Lucas-Kanade Optical Flow for Reduced Frame Memory Access, A
* Real-Time H.264/AVC Encoder With Complexity-Aware Time Allocation, A
* Skipping Prediction Directions Based on the Cost Relationship between Multi-Directional Predictions for an HEVC Encoder
Includes: Rhee, C.E.[Chae Eun] Rhee, C.E.
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Rhee, D.W.[Dae Woong] Co Author Listing * Automatic image resizing in android application development
* case study of learning assessment, flow, satisfaction and expressiveness of the music game: focused on elementary students' music appreciation learning, A
* Practical Gaze Point Detecting System
* study on the elements of game development using the content of the Nuri curriculum, A
Includes: Rhee, D.W.[Dae Woong] Rhee, D.W.[Dae-Woong]

Rhee, E.J.[Eun Joo] Co Author Listing * Tolerance analysis of model-based camera tracking by modeling errors

Rhee, F.C.H.[Frank Chung Hoon] Co Author Listing * Clustering and aggregation of relational data with applications to image database categorization
Includes: Rhee, F.C.H.[Frank Chung Hoon] Rhee, F.C.H.[Frank Chung-Hoon]

Rhee, F.H.[F. Hunn] Co Author Listing * 3D High-Efficiency Video Coding for Multi-View Video and Depth Data
* Extension of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) for Multiview Video and Depth Data

Rhee, H. Co Author Listing * Channel-Wise Progressive Learning For Lossless Image Compression

Rhee, H.C.[Ho Chang] Co Author Listing * Episode Difficulty Based Sampling Method for Few-Shot Classification
* LC-FDNet: Learned Lossless Image Compression with Frequency Decomposition Network
Includes: Rhee, H.C.[Ho Chang] Rhee, H.C.[Ho-Chang]

Rhee, I. Co Author Listing * Quadtree-Structured Variable-Size Block-Matching Motion Estimation with Minimal Error

Rhee, I.J.[In Jong] Co Author Listing * Multicast with cache (Mcache): An adaptive zero-delay video-on-demand service
Includes: Rhee, I.J.[In Jong] Rhee, I.J.[In-Jong]

Rhee, J. Co Author Listing * Drought Forecasting Based On Machine Learning Of Remote Sensing And Long-range Forecast Data

Rhee, J.H.[Ji Hye] Co Author Listing * Efficient Eye Tracking Using POMDP for Robust Human Computer Interaction, An
* Robust Facial Feature Localization using Data-Driven Semi-supervised Learning Approach

Rhee, J.K.K. Co Author Listing * Efficient Cache Placement Strategy in Two-Tier Wireless Content Delivery Network
* Multipath Video Real-Time Streaming by Field-Based Anycast Routing

Rhee, J.Y.[Jin Young] Co Author Listing * Classification and Mapping of Paddy Rice by Combining Landsat and SAR Time Series Data
* Enhancing Binary Change Detection Performance Using A Moving Threshold Window (MTW) Approach
* Estimating High Spatial Resolution Air Temperature for Regions with Limited in situ Data Using MODIS Products
* Short-Term Forecasting of Satellite-Based Drought Indices Using Their Temporal Patterns and Numerical Model Output
* Study of the Application and the Limitations of GPR Investigation on Underground Survey of the Korean Expressways, A
Includes: Rhee, J.Y.[Jin Young] Rhee, J.Y.[Jin-Young] Rhee, J.Y.[Ji-Young]

Rhee, K.Y. Co Author Listing * Moving Target Tracking Algorithm Based on the Confidence Measure of Motion Vectors
* Object-based encoding for multi-view sequences of 3D object
Includes: Rhee, K.Y. Rhee, K.Y.[Kwang-Yeon]

Rhee, P. Co Author Listing * Facial Components Segmentation for Extracting Facial Features

Rhee, P.K.[Phill Kyu] Co Author Listing * Adaptive visual tracking using the prioritized Q-learning algorithm: MDP-based parameter learning approach
* Cascade of Fusion for Adaptive Classifier Combination Using Context-Awareness
* Efficient Eye Tracking Using POMDP for Robust Human Computer Interaction, An
* Efficient facial landmark localization using spatial-contextual AdaBoost algorithm
* Efficient Fully Parallel Thinning Algorithm, An
* Efficient object detection using convolutional neural network-based hierarchical feature modeling
* Filter Selection and Identification Similarity Using Clustering Under Varying Illumination
* Merging and Arbitration Strategy Applied Bayesian Classification for Eye Location
* Multi-class Multi-object Tracking Using Changing Point Detection
* Robust Facial Feature Localization using Data-Driven Semi-supervised Learning Approach
* systems level approach to perimeter protection, A
* Use of Multiple Contexts for Real Time Face Identification
Includes: Rhee, P.K.[Phill Kyu] Rhee, P.K.
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Rhee, S. Co Author Listing * Automated DSM Extraction from UAV Images and Performance Analysis
* DEM Generation from High Resolution Satellite Images through a new 3D Least Squares Matching Algorithm
* Dense 3d Point Cloud Generation From UAV Images From Image Matching and Global Optimazation
* Digital Surface Model Interpolation Based on 3D Mesh Models
* HD-VCR Codec for Studio Application Using Quadtree Structured Binary Symbols in Wavelet Transform Domain
* Optimal Image-Selection Algorithm for Large-Scale Stereoscopic Mapping of UAV Images, An
Includes: Rhee, S. Rhee, S.[Sooahm]

Rhee, S.H. Co Author Listing * Coupled Model Simulation of Wind Stress Effect on Far Wakes of Ships in SAR Images
* DCT-Based Regularized Algorithm for High-Resolution Image Reconstruction
Includes: Rhee, S.H. Rhee, S.H.[Seung-Hyeon]

Rhee, S.M.[Seon Min] Co Author Listing * CORE: Co-planarity Regularized Monocular Geometry Estimation with Weak Supervision
* Pushing the Performance Limit of Scene Text Recognizer without Human Annotation
* Split and merge approach for detecting multiple planes in a depth image
* Stereoscopic View Synthesis by View Morphing
* Time-of-flight sensor and color camera calibration for multi-view acquisition
* Towards Accurate Facial Landmark Detection via Cascaded Transformers
Includes: Rhee, S.M.[Seon Min] Rhee, S.M.[Seon-Min]

Rhee, S.Y.[Sang Yong] Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration for Three-Dimensional Measurement
* Interframe Coding Using 2-Stage Variable Block-Size Multiresolution Motion Estimation and Wavelet Decomposition
* Morphologic Field Warping: A Volumetric Deformation Method for Medical Image Registration
Includes: Rhee, S.Y.[Sang Yong] Rhee, S.Y.[Sang-Yong] Rhee, S.Y.

Rhee, T.[Taehyun] Co Author Listing * De-lighting Human Images Using Region-Specific Data Augmentation
* Deep Portrait Delighting
* Edge-Aware Convolution for RGB-D Image Segmentation
* Expression transfer: A system to build 3D blend shapes for facial animation
* Perceptually based radiance map for realistic composition
* probabilistic approach to realistic face synthesis, A
* Real-Time Image Based Lighting for 360-Degree Panoramic Video
* Shadow-based Light Detection for HDR Environment Maps
* Split and merge approach for detecting multiple planes in a depth image
* Synthesising radiance maps from legacy outdoor photographs for real-time IBL on HMDs
* Time-of-flight sensor and color camera calibration for multi-view acquisition
* Visual Object Tracking in Spherical 360 Videos: A Bridging Approach
* Voice Interaction for Augmented Reality Navigation Interfaces with Natural Language Understanding
Includes: Rhee, T.[Taehyun] Rhee, T.
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Rhee, T.H.[Taik Heon] Co Author Listing * Digitalizing scheme of handwritten Hanja historical documents
* Efficient search strategy in structural analysis for handwritten mathematical expression recognition
* On-line signature verification using model-guided segmentation and discriminative feature selection for skilled forgeries
* Utilizing Consistency Context for Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition
Includes: Rhee, T.H.[Taik Heon] Rhee, T.H.[Taik-Heon] Rhee, T.H.

Rhee, W.[Wonjong] Co Author Listing * AID-Purifier: A Light Auxiliary Network for Boosting Adversarial Defense
* Meta-Learning with a Geometry-Adaptive Preconditioner
* VNE: An Effective Method for Improving Deep Representation by Manipulating Eigenvalue Distribution

Rhee, Y. Co Author Listing * Prefetching scheme for image processing on shared memory multiprocessors

Rhee, Y.W.[Yang Won] Co Author Listing * Video Shot Boundary Detection Algorithm
Includes: Rhee, Y.W.[Yang Won] Rhee, Y.W.[Yang-Won]

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