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Renz, I.[Ingrid] Co Author Listing * Categorizing Paper Documents

Renz, J.[Jochen] Co Author Listing * Combining topological and size information for spatial reasoning
* Determining Interacting Objects in Human-Centric Activities via Qualitative Spatio-Temporal Reasoning

Renz, K.[Katrin] Co Author Listing * KING: Generating Safety-Critical Driving Scenarios for Robust Imitation via Kinematics Gradients
* Sign Segmentation with Changepoint-Modulated Pseudo-Labelling

Renz, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Editorial: Advances in spatial and temporal databases
* Knowledge extraction from crowdsourced data for the enrichment of road networks
* On reverse-k-nearest-neighbor joins
* Spatial inverse query processing
* Uncertain Voronoi cell computation based on space decomposition

Renz, T. Co Author Listing * Mathematical Architecture for Molecular Computing, A

Renza, D.[Diego] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Segmentation Optimized by Bilateral Filtering
* High Scrambling Degree in Audio Through Imitation of an Unintelligible Signal
* Highly Transparent and Secure Scheme for Concealing Text Within Audio
* Highly Transparent Steganography Scheme of Speech Signals into Color Images Using Quantization Index Modulation
* Optimizing Classification Accuracy of Remotely Sensed Imagery with DT-CWT Fused Images
* Pansharpening of High and Medium Resolution Satellite Images Using Bilateral Filtering

Renzi, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * Scalable Media Coding Enabling Content-Aware Networking

Renzo, M.D. Co Author Listing * Performance Analysis of Network Coded Cooperation with Channel Coding and Adaptive DF-Based Relaying in Rayleigh Fading Channels

Renzulli, R.[Riccardo] Co Author Listing * Lung Nodules Segmentation with DeepHealth Toolkit
* Towards Efficient Capsule Networks
* UniToChest: A Lung Image Dataset for Segmentation of Cancerous Nodules on CT Scans

Renzullo, L.J.[Luigi J.] Co Author Listing * High-Dimensional Satellite Image Compositing and Statistics for Enhanced Irrigated Crop Mapping
* Method of Wavelength Selection and Spectral Discrimination of Hyperspectral Reflectance Spectrometry, A
* Modelling Within-Season Variation in Light Use Efficiency Enhances Productivity Estimates for Cropland
* Soil Moisture Active Passive Experiments: Validation of the SMAP Products in Australia, The
Includes: Renzullo, L.J.[Luigi J.] Renzullo, L.J.

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