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Raudaschl, P.[Patrik] Co Author Listing * Fast and Robust linear motion deblurring

Raudies, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Efficient Linear Method for the Estimation of Ego-Motion from Optical Flow, An
* Neural Mechanisms for Form and Motion Detection and Integration: Biology Meets Machine Vision
* review and evaluation of methods estimating ego-motion, A

Raudkivi, U. Co Author Listing * Identification of Human Face Profiles by Computer

Raudseps, J.G. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Vehicles in Aerial Photographs of Highways
* Non-parametric unsupervised learning with applications to image classification
Includes: Raudseps, J.G. Raudseps, J.G.[Juris G.]

Raudys, A.[Aistis] Co Author Listing * Accuracy of MLP Based Data Visualization Used in Oil Prices Forecasting Task
* Boosting neural network feature extraction by reduced accuracy activation functions
* High speed associative memories for feature extraction and visualisation
* MLP Based Linear Feature Extraction for Nonlinearly Separable Data
* Pairwise Costs in Multiclass Perceptrons
Includes: Raudys, A.[Aistis] Raudys, A.

Raudys, S.J.[Sarunas J.] Co Author Listing * Accuracy of feature selection and extraction in statistical and neural net pattern classification
* Determination of optimal dimensionality in statistical pattern classification
* Dimensionality, Sample-Size, and Classification Error of Nonparametric Linear Classification Algorithms
* Expected Classification Error of the Fisher Linear Classifier with Pseudo Inverse Covariance Matrix
* Expected Error of Minimum Empirical Error and Maximal Margin Classifiers
* Experts' boasting in trainable fusion rules
* Feature Over-Selection
* First-Order Tree-Type Dependence between Variables and Classification Performance
* Generalization Error of Multinomial Classifier
* Linear Classifiers in Perceptron Design
* On Dimensionality, Sample Size, Classification Error, and Complexity of Classification Algorithms in Pattern Recognition
* On the accuracy of a bootstrap estimate of the classification error
* Pairwise Costs in Multiclass Perceptrons
* Pool of Classifiers by SLP: A Multi-class Case, A
* Prior Weights in Adaptive Pattern Classification
* Scaled rotation regularization
* Small Sample Size Effects in Statistical Pattern Recognition: Recommendations for Practitioners
* Small sample size effects in statistical pattern recognition: recommendations for practitioners and open problems
* Statistical and Neural Classifiers: An Integrated Approach to Design
Includes: Raudys, S.J.[Sarunas J.] Raudys, S.J.
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