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Pugeault, N. Co Author Listing * Accumulated Visual Representation for Cognitive Vision
* Accumulation of Different Visual Feature Descriptors in a Coherent Framework
* Aggregated Sparse Attention for Steering Angle Prediction
* Autonomous navigation and sign detector learning
* compact harmonic code for early vision based on anisotropic frequency channels, A
* Driving me around the bend: Learning to drive from visual gist
* Human Attention in Image Captioning: Dataset and Analysis
* Image Captioning Through Image Transformer
* Improving recognition and identification of facial areas involved in Non-Verbal Communication by feature selection
* Learning Objects and Grasp Affordances through Autonomous Exploration
* Learning Pre-attentive Driving Behaviour from Holistic Visual Features
* Multi-Modal Matching Applied to Stereo
* Multi-modal Scene Reconstruction using Perceptual Grouping Constraints
* Next-Best Stereo: Extending Next-Best View Optimisation For Collaborative Sensors
* Probabilistic Framework for 3D Visual Object Representation, A
* Probabilistic Pose Recovery Using Learned Hierarchical Object Models
* Reading the signs: A video based sign dictionary
* Real-time Facial Expression Recognition In The Wild by Disentangling 3D Expression from Identity
* Scene Representation Based on Multi-Modal 2D and 3D Features, A
* SeDAR: Reading Floorplans Like a Human: Using Deep Learning to Enable Human-Inspired Localisation
* Semantic Reasoning for Scene Interpretation
* Sign Language Recognition using Sequential Pattern Trees
* Sign Spotting Using Hierarchical Sequential Patterns with Temporal Intervals
* Spatial-Temporal Junction Extraction and Semantic Interpretation
* Spelling it out: Real-time ASL fingerspelling recognition
* Taking the Scenic Route to 3D: Optimising Reconstruction from Moving Cameras
* Temporal accumulation of oriented visual features
* Transformer-Encoder Detector Module: Using Context to Improve Robustness to Adversarial Attacks on Object Detection
* Understanding and Visualizing Deep Visual Saliency Models
* Using multi-modal 3D contours and their relations for vision and robotics
* Using surfaces and surface relations in an Early Cognitive Vision system
* Utilizing Semantic Interpretation of Junctions for 3D-2D Pose Estimation
Includes: Pugeault, N. Pugeault, N.[Nicolas]
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Puget, P. Co Author Listing * Calibrating A Mobile Camera
* Measurement and Integration of 3-D Structures by Tracking Edge Lines
* Measuring Image Flow by Tracking Edge-Lines
* optimal solution for mobile camera calibration, An

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