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Prenat, M. Co Author Listing * Contextual performance prediction for low-level image analysis algorithms

Prencipe, N.[Nicoletta] Co Author Listing * Quantum Information-Based Refoundation of Color Perception Concepts, A

Prendergast, D. Co Author Listing * B-Fitting: An Estimation Technique with Automatic Parameter Selection

Prendergast, L. Co Author Listing * 3D Human Pose Estimation With 2D Marginal Heatmaps

Prendergast, R.S.[Ryan S.] Co Author Listing * block-based super-resolution for video sequences, A
* Improving Frequency Domain Super-Resolution via Undersampling Model
Includes: Prendergast, R.S.[Ryan S.] Prendergast, R.S.

Prendes, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Nonparametric Model Coupled with a Markov Random Field for Change Detection in Heterogeneous Remote Sensing Images, A
* Multivariate Bayesian classification of epilepsy EEG signals
* New Multivariate Statistical Model for Change Detection in Images Acquired by Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Sensors, A
Includes: Prendes, J.[Jorge] Prendes, J.

Prendinger, H.[Helmut] Co Author Listing * Decentralized Multi-Agent Path Finding for UAV Traffic Management
* Drone-vs-Bird Detection Challenge at ICIAP 2021
* Evaluation of Fully Convolutional One-Stage Object Detection for Drone Detection
* Okutama-Action: An Aerial View Video Dataset for Concurrent Human Action Detection
* SentiFul: A Lexicon for Sentiment Analysis
* Speedup of deep learning ensembles for semantic segmentation using a model compression technique
Includes: Prendinger, H.[Helmut] Prendinger, H.

Preneel, B. Co Author Listing * End-To-End Security for Video Distribution: The Combination of Encryption, Watermarking, and Video Adaptation
* Format-compliant encryption techniques for high efficiency video coding
* Survey of Security and Privacy Issues in V2X Communication Systems, A
Includes: Preneel, B. Preneel, B.[Bart]

Prenninger, J.P. Co Author Listing * Laser Tracking System to Measure Position and Orientation of Robot End Effectors Under Motion, A

Prentasic, P.[Pavle] Co Author Listing * Detection of roadside vegetation using Fully Convolutional Networks
Includes: Prentasic, P.[Pavle] Prentašic, P.[Pavle]

Prenter, P.M. Co Author Listing * Three Adaptive Discrete Least Squares Cubic Spline Procedures for the Compression of Data

Prentice, E.F.[Elizabeth Frances] Co Author Listing * Pre-Launch Assembly, Integration, and Testing Strategy of a Hyperspectral Imaging CubeSat, HYPSO-1

Prentice, H.C.[Honor C.] Co Author Listing * Airborne Hyperspectral Data Predict Fine-Scale Plant Species Diversity in Grazed Dry Grasslands
* Classification of Grassland Successional Stages Using Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery

Prentice, I.C.[Iain Colin] Co Author Listing * Parameter Flexible Wildfire Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques: Forward and Inverse Modelling
* Towards a General Monitoring System for Terrestrial Primary Production: A Test Spanning the European Drought of 2018
Includes: Prentice, I.C.[Iain Colin] Prentice, I.C.[I. Colin]

Prentice, J.[Jayson] Co Author Listing * Improving on MODIS MCD64A1 Burned Area Estimates in Grassland Systems: A Case Study in Kansas Flint Hills Tall Grass Prairie

Prentice, R.M.[Ricardo Martinez] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Classification and Accuracy Assessment from High-Resolution Images of Coastal Wetlands
Includes: Prentice, R.M.[Ricardo Martinez] Prentice, R.M.[Ricardo Martínez]

Prentice, S.[Sam] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical classification and feature reduction for fast face detection with support vector machines
* Stereo vision and laser odometry for autonomous helicopters in GPS-denied indoor environments
Includes: Prentice, S.[Sam] Prentice, S.

Prentius, W.[Wilmer] Co Author Listing * Generalized Hierarchical Model-Based Estimation for Aboveground Biomass Assessment Using GEDI and Landsat Data

Prenzel, B.[Bjorn] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of High-resolution Satellite Imagery by Integrating Texture, Intensity, and Color Features
Includes: Prenzel, B.[Bjorn] Prenzel, B.[Björn]

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