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Pota, H. Co Author Listing * Resonant modes analysis in power systems algorithms and Matlab GUI

Pota, H.R.[Hemanshu R.] Co Author Listing * Helicopter flight control using inverse optimal control and backstepping
* High performance control of atomic force microscope for high-speed image scanning
* Internal reference model based optimal LQG controller for atomic force microscope
Includes: Pota, H.R.[Hemanshu R.] Pota, H.R.

Potamianos, A.[Alexandros] Co Author Listing * Demonstration of assembly work using augmented reality
* Movie summarization based on audiovisual saliency detection
* Multimodal Processing and Interaction: Audio, Video, Text
* Multimodal Saliency and Fusion for Movie Summarization Based on Aural, Visual, and Textual Attention
* Predicting audio-visual salient events based on visual, audio and text modalities for movie summarization
Includes: Potamianos, A.[Alexandros] Potamianos, A.

Potamianos, G.[Gerasimos] Co Author Listing * Attention-Enhanced Sensorimotor Object Recognition
* Audio-visual selection process for the synthesis of photo-realistic talking-head animations
* Audio-visual speech synchronization detection using a bimodal linear prediction model
* Audio-Visual Unit Selection for the Synthesis of Photo-Realistic Talking-Heads
* Cascade Image Transform for Speaker Independent Automatic Speech Reading, A
* Deep Affordance-Grounded Sensorimotor Object Recognition
* Deep sensorimotor learning for RGB-D object recognition
* Fusion of Multiple Camera Views for Kernel-Based 3D Tracking
* IBM Rich Transcription 2007 Speech-to-Text Systems for Lecture Meetings, The
* IBM RT07 Evaluation Systems for Speaker Diarization on Lecture Meetings, The
* image transform approach for HMM based automatic lipreading, An
* Improved ROI and Within Frame Discriminant Features for Lipreading
* Joint face and head tracking inside multi-camera smart rooms
* Joint System for Person Tracking and Face Detection, A
* Kernel-Based 3D Tracking
* Multi-View Fusion for Action Recognition in Child-Robot Interaction
* Recent advances in the automatic recognition of audiovisual speech
* Robust multi-modal method for recognizing objects
* Robust Multi-View Multi-Camera Face Detection inside Smart Rooms Using Spatio-Temporal Dynamic Programming
* Special Section on Interactive Multimedia
* Steepest Descent For Efficient Covariance Tracking
Includes: Potamianos, G.[Gerasimos] Potamianos, G.
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Potamianos, I.[Iakovos] Co Author Listing * Parameterizing the Geometry and Visualizing the Lighting Method of Byzantine Church Domes

Potamias, R.A.[Rolandos Alexandros] Co Author Listing * GraphWalks: Efficient Shape Agnostic Geodesic Shortest Path Estimation
* Learning to Generate Customized Dynamic 3d Facial Expressions
* Neural Mesh Simplification
* Revisiting Point Cloud Simplification: A Learnable Feature Preserving Approach

Potamitis, I. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Novelty Detection for Acoustic Surveillance Under Real-World Conditions

Potap, O.E.[Oleg E.] Co Author Listing * Visual Remote Monitoring and Control System for Rod Braking on Hot Rolling Mills

Potapov, A.[Alexey] Co Author Listing * feasibility study of an autoencoder meta-model for improving generalization capabilities on training sets of small sizes, A
* Investigation of OCT Images Descriptions on the Base of Representational MDL Principle

Potapov, A.S. Co Author Listing * Estimation of the Ionosphere Critical Frequency Without Radio Sounding

Potapov, D.[Danila] Co Author Listing * Category-Specific Video Summarization

Potapov, I.[Igor] Co Author Listing * Polygon Approximations of the Euclidean Circles on the Square Grid by Broadcasting Sequences

Potapov, P. Co Author Listing * Estimating Global Cropland Extent with Multi-year MODIS Data
* Landsat Analysis Ready Data for Global Land Cover and Land Cover Change Mapping
* Sample-Based Forest Monitoring Strategy Using Landsat, AVHRR and MODIS Data to Estimate Gross Forest Cover Loss in Malaysia between 1990 and 2005, A
* Using Multi-Resolution Satellite Data to Quantify Land Dynamics: Applications of PlanetScope Imagery for Cropland and Tree-Cover Loss Area Estimation
* Wheat Yield Forecasting for Punjab Province from Vegetation Index Time Series and Historic Crop Statistics
Includes: Potapov, P. Potapov, P.[Peter]

Potapov, P.A.[P. Artem] Co Author Listing * Visual Digital Forest Model Based on a Remote Sensing Data and Forest Inventory Data

Potapov, P.V.[Peter V.] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Landsat and RapidEye Data for Winter Wheat Mapping and Area Estimation in Punjab, Pakistan
* Expansion of Industrial Plantations Continues to Threaten Malayan Tiger Habitat

Potapov, V. Co Author Listing * Scalar-quantization-based multi-layer data hiding for video coding applications

Potapova, E.[Ekaterina] Co Author Listing * Attention-driven segmentation of cluttered 3D scenes
* Learning What Matters: Combining Probabilistic Models of 2D and 3D Saliency Cues
* Local 3D Symmetry for Visual Saliency in 2.5D Point Clouds

Potapova, T.[Tatiana] Co Author Listing * Computer analysis and recognition of cognitive phase space electro-cardio graphic image

Potapova, V.[Vita] Co Author Listing * feasibility study of an autoencoder meta-model for improving generalization capabilities on training sets of small sizes, A

Potapovich, Y.[Yury] Co Author Listing * Ore image segmentation by learning image and shape features

Potaraju, C. Co Author Listing * Measuring Glide-Reflection Symmetry in Human Movements Using Elastic Shape Analysis

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