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Piscaglia, B. Co Author Listing * IMIS: A multi-platform software package for telediagnosis and 3D medical image processing

Piscaglia, P. Co Author Listing * Distributed optimization of codebooks
* IMIS: A multi-platform software package for telediagnosis and 3D medical image processing
* Multiresolution Lossless Compression Scheme
* Parallelized Robust Multiresolution Motion Estimation
Includes: Piscaglia, P. Piscaglia, P.[Patrick]

Pischella, M. Co Author Listing * Moment-Based Estimation Strategy for Underdetermined Single-Sensor Blind Source Separation, A

Pischinger, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Variable Step-Size Discrete Dynamic Programming for Vehicle Speed Trajectory Optimization

Piscini, A. Co Author Listing * Enhancing hyperspectral image quality using nonlinear PCA
* Spectral compression of hyperspectral images by means of nonlinear principal component analysis decorrelation

Pisciotta, A.[Antonino] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Thermal Anomalies in Volcanic Areas Using Multiscale and Multitemporal Monitoring: Vulcano Island Test Case

Pisciotta, P.[Pietro] Co Author Listing * Gamma Knife treatment planning: MR brain tumor segmentation and volume measurement based on unsupervised Fuzzy C-Means clustering

Piscitelli, G. Co Author Listing * simple and effective edge detector, A

Piscitelli, M.[Marcela] Co Author Listing * Effects of Spatial Sampling Interval on Roughness Parameters and Microwave Backscatter over Agricultural Soil Surfaces
* Survey, Stratigraphy of the Elevations, 3D Modelling for the Knowledge And Conservation of Archaeological Parks: the Castle of Avella
Includes: Piscitelli, M.[Marcela] Piscitelli, M.

Piscopia, R.[Rodolfo] Co Author Listing * Optical Tracking Velocimetry (OTV): Leveraging Optical Flow and Trajectory-Based Filtering for Surface Streamflow Observations

Piscopo, G. Co Author Listing * Evolutionary approach to inverse planning in coplanar radiotherapy

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