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Pauca, V.P.[Victor Paul] Co Author Listing * Change Detection of Amazonian Alluvial Gold Mining Using Deep Learning and Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Extended Evaluation of Simulated Wavefront Coding Technology in Iris Recognition
* High-resolution imaging using integrated optical systems
* Tensor methods for hyperspectral data analysis: A space object material identification study
Includes: Pauca, V.P.[Victor Paul] Pauca, V.P. Pauca, V.P.[V. Paul]

Pauchard, Y. Co Author Listing * Fast computation of residual complexity image similarity metric using low-complexity transforms
* Improving Geometric Accuracy in the Presence of Susceptibility Difference Artifacts Produced by Metallic Implants in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Paucher, R.[Remi] Co Author Listing * Location-based augmented reality on mobile phones

Pauchet, F.[Florelle] Co Author Listing * Error-resilient decoding of context-based adaptive binary arithmetic codes

Pauchon, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Edgel Aggregation and Edge Description
* Measuring the Shape of 3-D Objects
* Object Representation, Identification, and Positioning from Range Data
* Segmentation of Range Data into Planar and Quadratic Patches
Includes: Pauchon, E.[Eric] Pauchon, E.

Pauciullo, A. Co Author Listing * CAESAR: An Approach Based on Covariance Matrix Decomposition to Improve Multibaseline-Multitemporal Interferometric SAR Processing
* Detection of Double Scatterers in SAR Tomography
* Detection of Partially Coherent Scatterers in Multidimensional SAR Tomography: A Theoretical Study
* Detection of Single Scatterers in Multidimensional SAR Imaging
* Extension of 4-D SAR Imaging to the Monitoring of Thermally Dilating Scatterers
* Improved Small Baseline processing by means of CAESAR eigen-interferograms decomposition
* InSAeS4 Airborne X-Band Interferometric SAR System: A First Assessment on Its Imaging and Topographic Mapping Capabilities, The
* Joint Multi-baseline SAR Interferometry
* LMMSE 3-D SAR Focusing
* Multi-Look in GLRT-Based Detection of Single and Double Persistent Scatterers
* Multiresolution Detection of Persistent Scatterers: A Performance Comparison Between Multilook GLRT and CAESAR
* Null-Space Method for the Phase Unwrapping of Multitemporal SAR Interferometric Stacks, A
* Phase Difference-Based Multichannel Phase Unwrapping
* Phase Offset Calculation for Airborne InSAR DEM Generation Without Corner Reflectors
* Super-Resolution Multi-Look Detection in SAR Tomography
* Tomographic Processing of Interferometric SAR Data: Developments, applications, and future research perspectives
Includes: Pauciullo, A. Pauciullo, A.[Antonio]
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