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Ozaki, K. Co Author Listing * Two-stage Discriminative Re-ranking for Large-scale Landmark Retrieval

Ozaki, M.[Mitsunori] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Lightning Whistlers Observed by the Plasma Wave Experiment Onboard the Arase Satellite Using the OpenCV Library
* Camera movement for chasing a subject with unknown behavior based on real-time viewpoint goodness evaluation
* Deployment of Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer Considering Loading Capacity of Electric Trucks
* Dynamic Wildfire Navigation System
* Method and apparatus for document element classification by analysis of major white region geometry
* Method and apparatus for document segmentation by background analysis
Includes: Ozaki, M.[Mitsunori] Ozaki, M.[Maya] Ozaki, M.[Makoto] Ozaki, M.[Mitsuhiro] Ozaki, M.[Masaharu]

Ozaki, R.[Ryushi] Co Author Listing * Object detection based on a robust and accurate statistical multi-point-pair model
* Robust adapted object detection under complex environment
* Statistical Reach Feature Method and Its Application to Template Matching
* Weave pattern modeling of silk-like fabrics from multi-illuminated HDR image analysis
Includes: Ozaki, R.[Ryushi] Ozaki, R. Ozaki, R.[Ryo]

Ozaki, T. Co Author Listing * Architectural design of a bi-level image high speed codec

Ozaki, Y.[Yoshihiko] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Initialization of Nelder-Mead Method for Hyperparameter Optimization in Deep Learning
* Rule-Driven Processing And Recognition From Range Images
Includes: Ozaki, Y.[Yoshihiko] Ozaki, Y.

Ozaktas, H.M.[Haldun M.] Co Author Listing * Bessel Functions-Based Reconstruction of Non-Uniformly Sampled Diffraction Fields
* Diffraction field computation from arbitrarily distributed data points in space
* Extensions to Common Laplace and Fourier Transforms
* Optimal Image-Restoration with the Fractional Fourier-Transform
* Performance Assessment of A Diffraction Field Computation Method Based on Source Model
* Reconstruction of Scalar Diffraction Field from Distributed Data Points Over 3D Space
* Signal processing issues in diffraction and holographic 3DTV
* Signal Processing Problems and Algorithms in Display Side of 3DTV
* Special issue on three-dimensional video and television
* Super-resolution using multiple quantized images
* Survey of Signal Processing Problems and Tools in Holographic Three-Dimensional Television, A
* Three-Dimensional Television: Capture, Transmission, Display
* Universal Lower Bound for Finite-Sample Reconstruction Error and Its Relation to Prolate Spheroidal Functions
Includes: Ozaktas, H.M.[Haldun M.] Ozaktas, H.M.
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