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Oza, M.G.[Meet Ganpatlal] Co Author Listing * deep learning model for mass screening of COVID-19, A

Oza, M.P. Co Author Listing * Satellite Image Classification Using Cellular Automata

Oza, N.C.[Nikunj C.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Burned Areas in Tropical Forests Using a Novel Machine Learning Framework
* Virtual Sensors: Using Data Mining Techniques to Efficiently Estimate Remote Sensing Spectra
* What You See Is What You Breathe? Estimating Air Pollution Spatial Variation Using Street-Level Imagery
Includes: Oza, N.C.[Nikunj C.] Oza, N.C.

Oza, O.[Om] Co Author Listing * Birdlets: Subordinate categorization using volumetric primitives and pose-normalized appearance

Oza, P.[Poojan] Co Author Listing * Adversarially Robust One-Class Novelty Detection
* C2AE: Class Conditioned Auto-Encoder for Open-Set Recognition
* Gaze-Sensitive Virtual Reality Based Social Communication Platform for Individuals with Autism
* Image Fusion Transformer
* MeGA-CDA: Memory Guided Attention for Category-Aware Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Object Detection
* Mixture of Teacher Experts for Source-Free Domain Adaptive Object Detection
* Multiple Class Novelty Detection Under Data Distribution Shift
* One-Class Convolutional Neural Network
* Prior-based Domain Adaptive Object Detection for Hazy and Rainy Conditions
* Towards Online Domain Adaptive Object Detection
* Utilizing Patch-level Category Activation Patterns for Multiple Class Novelty Detection
Includes: Oza, P.[Poojan] Oza, P.
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Oza, U.[Urvi] Co Author Listing * Underwater Image Color Correction Using Ensemble Colorization Network

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