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Ouahabi, A.[Abdeldjalil] Co Author Listing * Bone microarchitecture characterization based on fractal analysis in spatial frequency domain imaging
* Deep learning for real-time semantic segmentation: Application in ultrasound imaging
* Multifractal analysis based on discrete wavelet for texture classification: Application to medical magnetic resonance imaging
* Wavelet based Multifractal Analysis in Fractography
Includes: Ouahabi, A.[Abdeldjalil] Ouahabi, A.

Ouahbi, I. Co Author Listing * Pre-service Teachers' Perceptions and Awareness toward Serious Games in the Classroom - Case of Morocco

Ouahman, A.A.[Abdellah Ait] Co Author Listing * Aerial image processing and object recognition
* Analysis of the robustness of wavelet-based perceptual signatures
* robust and secure perceptual hashing system based on a quantization step analysis, A
* Statistical analysis of the quantization stage of robust perceptual image hashing

Ouahmed, A.A.[A. Ait] Co Author Listing * Solving new urban freight distribution problems involving modular electric vehicles

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