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Orwell, J.[James] Co Author Listing * 3d Extended Histogram of Oriented Gradients (3DHoG) for Classification of Road Users in Urban Scenes
* Adaptive eigen-backgrounds for object detection
* Architecture and Algorithms for Tracking Football Players with Multiple Cameras
* Backgroundless detection of pedestrians in cluttered conditions based on monocular images: a review
* Colour Constancy Techniques for Re-Recognition of Pedestrians from Multiple Surveillance Cameras
* Curious George: An Integrated Visual Search Platform
* Detecting Periodic Structure
* Efficient PDM Shape Fitting Using the Kalman Filter
* Ego Motion from Near-Degenerate Sequences
* Evaluating the performance of systems for tracking football players and ball
* Evaluation of MPEG7 color descriptors for visual surveillance retrieval
* Evaluation of shadow classification techniques for object detection and tracking
* General Framework for 3D Soccer Ball Estimation and Tracking, A
* Integral Line Scan Features for Pedestrian Detection
* Learning Non-coplanar Scene Models by Exploring the Height Variation of Tracked Objects
* Learning Surveillance Tracking Models for the Self-Calibrated Ground Plane
* Learning the Semantic Landscape: Embedding scene knowledge in object tracking
* Local Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Pedestrian Re-identification
* Modelling periodic scene elements for visual surveillance
* Modelling Profiles with a Mixture of Gaussians
* multi-agent framework for visual surveillance, A
* Multi-Camera Colour Tracking
* Multi-camera video surveillance for real-time analysis and reconstruction of soccer games
* Occlusion Analysis: Learning and Utilising Depth Maps in Object Tracking
* Optimal Color Quantization for Real-Time Object Recognition
* Perceptual Grouping from Gabor Filter Responses
* Performance evaluation of re-acquisition methods for public transport surveillance
* Performance Evaluation of Tracking for Public Transport Surveillance
* profile of MPEG-7 for visual surveillance, A
* Quantitative evaluation of different aspects of motion trackers under various challenges
* Re-identification of Pedestrians in Crowds Using Dynamic Time Warping
* Re-identification of pedestrians with variable occlusion and scale
* Real-time 3D Football Ball Tracking from Multiple Cameras
* Real-Time Modeling of 3-D Soccer Ball Trajectories From Multiple Fixed Cameras
* Review of Computer Vision Techniques for the Analysis of Urban Traffic, A
* Shadow Classification and Evaluation for Soccer Player Detection
* Towards plug-and-play visual surveillance: learning tracking models
* Tracking Football Players with Multiple Cameras
* Tracking the soccer ball using multiple fixed cameras
* Urban road user detection and classification using 3D wire frame models
Includes: Orwell, J.[James] Orwell, J.
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