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Onoguchi, K. Co Author Listing * Circle Detection Based on Arc Search Using a Table of Virtual Circle
* ISAR Image Analysis by Subspace Method: Automatic Extraction and Identification of Ship Profile
* Lane Detection based on Object Detection and Image-to-image Translation
* Moving Object Detection Using a Cross Correlation between a Short Accumulated Histogram and a Long Accumulated Histogram
* Moving Object Recognition Method by Optical Flow Analysis, A
* Obstacle detection using projective invariant and vanishing lines
* Onboard surveillance system for automobiles using image processing LSI
* Overlap Vehicle Detection by Tracking Horizontal Lines
* practical stereo scheme for obstacle detection in automotive use, A
* Scene Recognition for Blind Spot via Road Safety Mirror and In-Vehicle Camera
* Shadow Elimination Method for Moving Object Detection
* Snowfall Detection in a Foggy Scene
* System and method for detecting obstacle
* Temporally evaluated optical flow: study on accuracy
Includes: Onoguchi, K. Onoguchi, K.[Kazunori]
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