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Ojha, A.[Aparajita] Co Author Listing * Digital image stabilization using similarity transformation over constrained Differential-Radon warping vectors
* Digital watermark extraction using support vector machine with principal component analysis based feature reduction
* Fast Minimum Spanning Tree Based Clustering Algorithms on Local Neighborhood Graph
* new composite multi-constrained differential-radon warping approach for digital video affine motion stabilization, A
* survey on vision-based outdoor smoke detection techniques for environmental safety, A
* Unsteady camera zoom stabilization using slope estimation over interest warping vectors

Ojha, L.[Lujendra] Co Author Listing * Revealing Active Mars with HiRISE Digital Terrain Models

Ojha, N.[Nitu] Co Author Listing * Can We Use Satellite-Based Soil-Moisture Products at High Resolution to Investigate Land-Use Differences and Land-Atmosphere Interactions? A Case Study in the Savanna
* On the Utility of High-Resolution Soil Moisture Data for Better Constraining Thermal-Based Energy Balance over Three Semi-Arid Agricultural Areas
* Stepwise Disaggregation of SMAP Soil Moisture at 100 m Resolution Using Landsat-7/8 Data and a Varying Intermediate Resolution

Ojha, S.[Smit] Co Author Listing * VEntNet: Hybrid deep convolutional neural network model for automated multi-class categorization of chest X-rays

Ojha, U.[Utkarsh] Co Author Listing * Few-shot Image Generation via Cross-domain Correspondence
* FineGAN: Unsupervised Hierarchical Disentanglement for Fine-Grained Object Generation and Discovery
* NAG: Network for Adversary Generation
Includes: Ojha, U.[Utkarsh] Ojha, U.

Ojha, V.[Varun] Co Author Listing * Automated Water Segmentation and River Level Detection on Camera Images Using Transfer Learning
* Examining Trade-Offs between Social, Psychological, and Energy Potential of Urban Form

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