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Ohta, A.[Atsushi] Co Author Listing * Efficient Strategy for Bit-Quad-Based Euler Number Computing Algorithm, An

Ohta, H. Co Author Listing * Analysis of a Road Image as Seen from a Vehicle
* Humanoid Saxophone-playing Robot Based on Instrument-centered Design, A
* proposal of the effective recognition method for low-resolution characters from motion images, A
* Recognition of Facial Expressions Using Muscle-Based Feature Models
Includes: Ohta, H. Ohta, H.[Hina] Ohta, H.[Hiroshi]

Ohta, J. Co Author Listing * Accurate Image Reconstruction with the Source Space Tree Algorithm (SSTA) for Compton CT
* Apparatus for converting handwritten characters onto finely shaped characters of common size and pitch, aligned in an inferred direction
* Computer vision for computer games
* Implantable Microimaging Device for Observing Brain Activities of Rodents
Includes: Ohta, J. Ohta, J.[Junichi]

Ohta, K. Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional Image Construction for Non-destructive Testing Aided by Fuzzy Logic

Ohta, M. Co Author Listing * Development of a VLSI chip for real time MPEG-2 video decoder
* Feature Interaction Descriptor for Pedestrian Detection
* Focused Object Extraction with Multiple Cameras
* Improved scanning methods for wavelet coefficients of video signals
* Lossless transform coding system for digital signals
* Mathematical analysis of MPEG compression capability and its application to rate control
* Novel Algorithms for Object Extraction Using Multiple Camera Inputs
* Panorama image producing method and apparatus
* Panorama image producing method and appartus
* Pedestrian Recognition Using Second-Order HOG Feature
* Retrieval Methods for English-Text with Misrecognized OCR Characters
* Robust Object Extraction Method Using Three Cameras
* Runlength-based wavelet coding with adaptive scanning for low bit rate environment
* Structure Recovery from Scaled Orthographic and Perspective Views
* Structure Recovery with Multiple Cameras from Scaled Orthographic and Perspective Views
* Study of Region Partitioning Using Reciprocal Estimation of Region Models and Pixel Motion, A
* Very-Low Bit-Rate Video Coding Using Arbitrarily-Shaped Region-Based Motion Compensation
* wavelet codec with overlapped motion compensation for very low bit-rate environment, A
Includes: Ohta, M. Ohta, M.[Mitsuhiko] Ohta, M.[Mutsumi] Ohta, M.[Masashi]
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Ohta, N. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Bounds and Optimal Computation of Homography for Image Mosaicing Applications
* Accuracy bounds and optimal computation of robot localization
* All-digital super high definition images
* Automatic Compensation of Radial Distortion by Minimizing Entropy of Histogram of Oriented Gradients
* Automatic Detection Of Circular Objects By Ellipse Growing
* Color from black-and-white surveillance cameras
* Fast Computing of Color Matching by Means of Matrix Representation, Part I: Transmission-Type Coherent
* Feature Extraction Method for Palmprint Considering Elimination of Creases
* How Much Does Color Information Help Optical Flow Computation?
* Layered coding for ATM based video distribution systems
* Learning Sign-Constrained Support Vector Machines
* Optical flow detection using a general noise model for gradient constraint
* Optimal estimation of three-dimensional rotation and reliability evaluation
* Optimal robot self-localization and reliability evaluation
* Performance Evaluation of Image Feature Detectors and Descriptors for Outdoor-Scene Visual Navigation
* Speeding Up and Performance Evaluation of a Fully Automatic Radial Distortion Compensation Algorithm for Driving Assistance Cameras
* Statistical Approach to Background Subtraction for Surveillance Systems, A
* Three Dimensional Position Measurement for Maxillofacial Surgery by Stereo X-Ray Images
Includes: Ohta, N. Ohta, N.[Naoya] Ohta, N.[Naohisa]
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Ohta, S. Co Author Listing * Estimating Carbon Stock Changes Of Mangrove Forests Using Satellite Imagery And Airborne Lidar Data In The South Sumatra State, Indonesia

Ohta, T. Co Author Listing * Estimation of the Predictors Implemented by Shift Operation, Addition, and/or Subtraction, An
* Evaluation of the Surface Water Distribution in North-Central Namibia Based on MODIS and AMSR Series
* New Statistical Models of the JPEG Lossless Mode Subject to the Super High Definition Images
Includes: Ohta, T. Ohta, T.[Takeshi] Ohta, T.[Teiji]

Ohta, Y.[Yuichi] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Ohta, Y.[Yuichi]: ohta AT computer org
* email: Ohta, Y.[Yuichi]: ohta AT image esys tsukuba ac jp
* 3D Free-viewpoint video capturing interface by using bimanual operation
* Analysis of Detailed Patterns of Contour Shapes Using Wavelet Local Extrema
* Approach to Color Constancy Using Multiple Images, An
* Automated camerawork for capturing desktop presentations
* Automatic player's view generation of real soccer scenes based on trajectory tracking
* Background Modeling Method with Simple Operations for 3D Video, A
* Collinear Trinocular Stereo Using Two-Level Dynamic Programming
* Color Information for Region Segmentation
* comparison between two 3D free-viewpoint generation methods: Player-billboard and 3D reconstruction, A
* Cooperative Integration of Multiple Stereo Algorithms
* Description of Eye Figure with Small Parameters
* Displaying Motion Parallax by Occlusion Detectable Stereo
* Distance measuring method and a distance measuring apparatus
* Facial Micro-Expression Detection in Hi-Speed Video Based on Facial Action Coding System (FACS)
* Geometry of Multiple Affine Views
* Highspeed Stereo Matching System Based on Dynamic Programming, A
* Human Action Tracking Guided by Key-Frames
* Image Retrieval of First-Person Vision for Pedestrian Navigation in Urban Area
* Implantable Microimaging Device for Observing Brain Activities of Rodents
* Improving Depth Map by Right-Angled Trinocular Stereo
* Knowledge-Based Interpretation of Outdoor Natural Color Scenes
* Lifted road map view on windshield display
* Linear solution for oneshot active 3D reconstruction using two projectors
* Live 3D Video in Soccer Stadium
* Mixed-reality snapshot system using environmental depth sensors
* MMID: Multimodal Multi-view Integrated Database for Human Behavior Understanding
* Mobile Camera Localization Method Using Aerial-View Images, A
* MR Simulation for Re-wallpapering a Room in a Free-Hand Movie
* New Linear Method for Euclidean Motion/structure from Three Calibrated Affine Views, A
* Object Arrangement Estimation Using Color Edge Profile
* Occlusion Detectable Stereo -- Occlusion Patterns in Camera Matrix
* Occlusion Detectable Stereo: Systematic Comparison of Detection Algorithms
* Pattern recognition and understanding for visual information media
* Perceptually Correct 3D Model for Live 3D TV, A
* Picture Processing Laboratory and Its Applications
* Picture Processing System Using a Computer Complex
* Production System for Region Analysis, A
* Recovery of Illuminant and Surface Colors from Images Based on the CIE Daylight
* Region-Oriented Image-Analysis System by Computer, A
* Robust trajectory estimation of soccer players by using two cameras
* simple but high-quality stereo algorithm, A
* Smooth video hopping for surveillance cameras
* Special Issue: Celebrating Kanade's Vision
* Stereo by Integration of Two Algorithms with/without Occlusion Handling
* Stereo by Intra- and Inter-scanline Search Using Dynamic Programming
* Stereo by Two-Level Dynamic Programming
* Structuring Personal Activity Records Based on Attention: Analyzing Videos from Head Mounted Camera
* Structuring Personal Experiences: Analyzing Views from a Head-mounted Camera
* Synthesis of Facial Images with Lip Motion from Several Real Views
* Tracking hands and objects for an intelligent video production system
* Trajectory Estimation Method for Badminton Shuttlecock Utilizing Motion Blur, A
* Visual Surveillance Using Less ROIs of Multiple Non-calibrated Cameras
* Visualization Methods for Outdoor See-Through Vision
Includes: Ohta, Y.[Yuichi] Ohta, Y. Ohta, Y.[Yu_Ichi] Ohta, Y.[Yoshiyuki] Ohta, Y.[Yoshito] Ohta, Y.[YuIchi] Ohta, Y.[Yuya]
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Ohta, Y.I. Co Author Listing * Analysis System for Scenes Containing Objects with Substructure, An
* Obtaining Surface Orientation from Texels Under Perspective Projection

Ohta, Y.J.[Yu Ji] Co Author Listing * Photographing device, iris input device and iris image input method
Includes: Ohta, Y.J.[Yu Ji] Ohta, Y.J.[Yu-Ji]

Ohtake, A. Co Author Listing * Facial Expressions Recognition Using Discrete Hopfield Neural Networks

Ohtake, G.[Go] Co Author Listing * Application Authentication System with Efficiently Updatable Signature

Ohtake, M. Co Author Listing * Calibration of NIR 2 of Spectral Profiler Onboard Kaguya/SELENE

Ohtake, Y. Co Author Listing * Approximation of Unorganized Point Set with Composite Implicit Surface
* CT Image Segmentation Using Structural Analysis
* Dynamic mesh optimization for polygonized implicit surfaces with sharp features
* End-to-End Deep Learning for Reconstructing Segmented 3D CT Image from Multi-Energy X-ray Projections
* Interpolative intra prediction by adapting processing order in block-based image coding
* Learning Self-prior for Mesh Denoising Using Dual Graph Convolutional Networks
* Reconstruction of Wire Structures from Scanned Point Clouds
Includes: Ohtake, Y. Ohtake, Y.[Yutaka] Ohtake, Y.[Yosuke]
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Ohtani, S.[Shinya] Co Author Listing * Multi-Category Image Super-Resolution with Convolutional Neural Network and Multi-Task Learning

Ohtani, Y.[Yoshimitsu] Co Author Listing * Adaptive appearance compensated view synthesis prediction for Multiview Video Coding
* Real-time free-viewpoint viewer from multiview video plus depth representation coded by H.264/AVC MVC extension

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