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Noce, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning to Predict Cognitive Decline of Patients with Alzheimer's Disease Using EEG Markers: A Preliminary Study

Noce, L.[Lucia] Co Author Listing * Content Extraction from Marketing Flyers
* Deep Neural Networks for Page Stream Segmentation and Classification
* High Entropy Ensembles for Holistic Figure-ground Segmentation
* Robust Angle Invariant GAS Meter Reading
* Text Localization Based on Fast Feature Pyramids and Multi-Resolution Maximally Stable Extremal Regions

Nocent, O. Co Author Listing * 3D displays and tracking devices for your browser: A plugin-free approach relying on web standards

Nocente, V.[Valentina] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Performance of Multi-Resolution Satellite SAR Images for Post-Earthquake Damage Detection and Mapping Aimed at Emergency Response Management

Nocentini, M.[Massimiliano] Co Author Listing * Exploitation of Amplitude and Phase of Satellite SAR Images for Landslide Mapping: The Case of Montescaglioso (South Italy)
* Geomatics in Bridge Structural Health Monitoring, Integrating Terrestrial Laser Scanning Techniques and Geotechnical Inspections On A High Value Cultural Heritage
* Integration of Satellite InSAR with a Wireless Network of Geotechnical Sensors for Slope Monitoring in Urban Areas: The Pariana Landslide Case (Massa, Italy)
* Monitoring the Rapid-Moving Reactivation of Earth Flows by Means of GB-InSAR: The April 2013 Capriglio Landslide (Northern Appennines, Italy)
Includes: Nocentini, M.[Massimiliano] Nocentini, M.

Nocera, A.[Antonino] Co Author Listing * Recursive Recognition of Offline Handwritten Mathematical Expressions

Nocera, L. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Environements for Virtual Collaboration
* Validation of Automated Mobility Assessment Using a Single 3D Sensor
Includes: Nocera, L. Nocera, L.[Luciano]

Nocera, L.P.A.[Luciano Pasquale Agostino] Co Author Listing * Face recognition from video images
* Method for generating an animated three-dimensional video head
* Wavelet-based facial motion capture for avatar animation

Nocera, S. Co Author Listing * Enhancing transport data collection through social media sources: methods, challenges and opportunities for textual data

Nocerino, A.[Alessia] Co Author Listing * Monocular-Based Pose Estimation Based on Fiducial Markers for Space Robotic Capture Operations in GEO

Nocerino, E. Co Author Listing * 3d Digitization Of An Heritage Masterpiece: A Critical Analysis On Quality Assessment
* 3d Modelling And Rapid Prototyping For Cardiovascular Surgical Planning: Two Case Studies
* 3d Sequential Image Mosaicing for Underwater Navigation and Mapping
* 3D Surveying and Modeling of Underground Passages in WWI Fortifications
* 3d Virtualization of An Underground Semi-submerged Cave System
* Accuracy Of 3d Reconstruction In An Illumination Dome
* Accuracy of typical photogrammetric networks in cultural heritage 3D modeling projects
* Accurate Scaling and Levelling in Underwater Photogrammetry with A Pressure Sensor
* Application of Photogrammetry to Brain Anatomy
* Bundle Adjustment with Polynomial Point-to-camera Distance Dependent Corrections for Underwater Photogrammetry
* Comparison of Diver-operated Underwater Photogrammetric Systems For Coral Reef Monitoring
* Coral Reef Monitoring by Scuba Divers Using Underwater Photogrammetry and Geodetic Surveying
* Critical Review of Automated Photogrammetric Processing of Large Datasets, A
* Development Of An All-purpose Free Photogrammetric Tool
* Editorial for the Special Issue Frontiers in Spectral Imaging and 3D Technologies for Geospatial Solutions
* Editorial for Underwater 3D Recording & Modelling
* Evaluation of Vision-based Localization and Mapping Techniques in A Subsea Metrology Scenario
* Experiments On Calibrating Tilt-shift Lenses For Close-range Photogrammetry
* Flat Versus Hemispherical Dome Ports in Underwater Photogrammetry
* Geospatial Data Processing for 3D City Model Generation, Management And Visualization
* High Resolution 3D Modeling of the Behaim Globe
* Image Quality Improvements in Low-cost Underwater Photogrammetry
* Joint Alignment of Underwater and Above-The-Water Photogrammetric 3D Models by Independent Models Adjustment
* Knowledge And Valorization Of Historical Sites Through 3d Documentation And Modeling
* Lightcam: Enlightening the Camera Obscura - Where Photogrammetry, Computer and Robotic Vision Meet
* Mitigating Image Residuals Systematic Patterns In Underwater Photogrammetry
* Multi-temporal Analysis Of Landscapes And Urban Areas
* non-conventional procedure for the 3D modeling of WWI forts, A
* Oblique Photogrammetry Supporting 3D Urban Reconstruction of Complex Scenarios
* Ontology-based Web Tools for Retrieving Photogrammetric Cultural Heritage Models
* Photogrammetry applied to Problematic artefacts
* Portable Opto-acoustic Survey Solution for Mapping of Underwater Targets, A
* Precision Potential of Underwater Networks for Archaeological Excavation Through Trilateration and Photogrammetry
* Quantifying the Loss of Coral from a Bleaching Event Using Underwater Photogrammetry and AI-Assisted Image Segmentation
* Reverse Engineering and 3D Modelling for Digital Documentation of Maritime Heritage
* Smartphone-based 3D Pipeline for the Creative Industry: the Replicate EU Project, A
* Underwater Calibration of Dome Port Pressure Housings
* Underwater Survey for Oil and Gas Industry: A Review of Close Range Optical Methods
* Versatile Multi-camera System for 3d Acquisition and Modeling, A
Includes: Nocerino, E. Nocerino, E.[Erica]
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Nocerino, R. Co Author Listing * Service design in electric vehicle sharing: evidence from Italy

Noceti, N. Co Author Listing * Appearance-based 3D object recognition with time-invariant features
* Ask the Image: Supervised Pooling to Preserve Feature Locality
* Background modeling through dictionary learning
* BMTDL for Scene Modeling on the SBI Dataset
* Cognition Helps Vision: Recognizing Biological Motion Using Invariant Dynamic Cues
* Combined Motion and Appearance Models for Robust Object Tracking in Real-Time
* Combining Retrieval and Classification for Real-Time Face Recognition
* Cross-view action recognition with small-scale datasets
* Effects of Data Sources: A Baseline Evaluation of the MoCA Dataset, The
* Exploring the Use of Efficient Projection Kernels for Motion Saliency Estimation
* Genuine Personality Recognition from Highly Constrained Face Images
* HHP-Net: A light Heteroscedastic neural network for Head Pose estimation with uncertainty
* Humans in groups: The importance of contextual information for understanding collective activities
* integrated artificial vision framework for assisting visually impaired users, An
* Investigating the Use of Space-Time Primitives to Understand Human Movements
* Learning common behaviors from large sets of unlabeled temporal series
* Learning dictionaries of kinematic primitives for action classification
* Online Space-Variant Background Modeling With Sparse Coding
* Positive technology for elderly well-being: A review
* Precise people counting in real time
* Scale Invariant and Noise Robust Interest Points With Shearlets
* Semi-supervised learning of sparse representations to recognize people spatial orientation
* Single View Learning in Action Recognition
* Spatio-temporal constraints for on-line 3D object recognition in videos
* Spectral Graph Kernel and Its Application to Collective Activities Classification, A
* Structured Multi-class Feature Selection for Effective Face Recognition
* Structured multi-class feature selection with an application to face recognition
* Towards a Theoretical Framework for Learning Multi-modal Patterns for Embodied Agents
* Unsupervised learning of behavioural patterns for video-surveillance
* Unsupervised Video Surveillance
* Vision-Based Navigation Facility for Planetary Entry Descent Landing, A
* What Epipolar Geometry Can Do for Video-Surveillance
Includes: Noceti, N. Noceti, N.[Nicoletta]
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