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Nazib, A. Co Author Listing * Centralization problem of contacting interaction in multiple object tracking

Nazif, A. Co Author Listing * Multi-phase recognition of multifont photoscript Arabic text

Nazif, A.M. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Measurement of Computer Generated Image Segmentations
* Low Level Image Segmentation: An Expert System
* Optimal Set of Image Segmentation Rules, An
* Rule-Based Image Segmentation: A Dynamic Control Strategy Approach
Includes: Nazif, A.M. Nazif, A.M.[Ahmed M.]

Nazih, W.[Waleed] Co Author Listing * Encoding true-color images with a limited palette via soft vector clustering as an instance of dithering multidimensional signals

Nazir, A.[Akhzar] Co Author Listing * Mining the Urdu Language-Based Web Content for Opinion Extraction

Nazir, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Modified Histogram Based Fuzzy Filter

Nazir, S.[Saima] Co Author Listing * Bag of Expression framework for improved human action recognition, A
* Expanding Window Random Linear Codes for data partitioned H.264 video transmission over DVB-H network
* Feature Similarity and Frequency-Based Weighted Visual Words Codebook Learning Scheme for Human Action Recognition
Includes: Nazir, S.[Saima] Nazir, S.[Sajid]

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