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Mucha, D. Co Author Listing * Patient Registration Using Photogrammetric Surface Reconstruction From Smartphone Imagery

Mucha, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * CloudSatNet-1: FPGA-Based Hardware-Accelerated Quantized CNN for Satellite On-Board Cloud Coverage Classification

Mucha, P.B.[Piotr B.] Co Author Listing * Total Variation Denoising in L^1 Anisotropy

Mucha, P.J. Co Author Listing * stokes flow boundary integral measurement of tubular structure cross sections in two dimensions, A

Muchahary, D.[Deboraj] Co Author Listing * Image denoising for magnetic resonance imaging medical images using improved generalized cross-validation based on the diffusivity function

Muchallil, S.[Sayed] Co Author Listing * Noise characterization in ancient document images based on DCT coefficient distribution

Muchaluat Saade, D.C.[Debora C.] Co Author Listing * XTemplate 4.0: Providing Adaptive Layouts and Nested Templates for Hypermedia Documents
Includes: Muchaluat Saade, D.C.[Debora C.] Muchaluat-Saade, D.C.[Débora C.]

Mucher, C.A.[Caspar A.] Co Author Listing * Habitat Mapping and Quality Assessment of NATURA 2000 Heathland Using Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy
* Object Identification and Characterization with Hyperspectral Imagery to Identify Structure and Function of Natura 2000 Habitats
* Object-Based Approach to Quantity and Quality Assessment of Heathland Habitats in the Framework of Natura 2000 Using Hyperspectral Airborne AHS Images, An
Includes: Mucher, C.A.[Caspar A.] Mücher, C.A.[Caspar A.] (Maybe also Muecher, C.A.)Mücher, C.A. (Maybe also Muecher, C.A.)

Mucher, S.[Sander] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Prediction Models for Mapping Canopy Chlorophyll Content Across Biomes
* Land Cover Change Detection and Subsistence Farming Dynamics in the Fringes of Mount Elgon National Park, Uganda from 1978-2020
* Overview of UAV Activities in Wageningen Unmanned Aerial Remote Sensing Facility
Includes: Mucher, S.[Sander] Mücher, S.[Sander] (Maybe also Muecher, S.)Mücher, S. (Maybe also Muecher, S.)

Mucheye, T.[Tadesse] Co Author Listing * Water Quality and Water Hyacinth Monitoring with the Sentinel-2A/B Satellites in Lake Tana (Ethiopia)

Muchnik, I.[Ilya] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Patch Selection using Combinatorial and Statistical Models for Patch-Based Object Recognition
* Featureless pattern recognition in an imaginary Hilbert space
* Hidden Tree-Like Quasi-Markov Model and Generalized Technique for a Class of Image Processing Problems
* Pattern Recognition in Spatial Data: a New Method of Seismic Explorations for Oil and Gas in Crystalline Basement Rocks
* Variational Methods in Signal and Image Analysis
Includes: Muchnik, I.[Ilya] Muchnik, I.

Muchnik, I.B.[Ilya B.] Co Author Listing * Coring method for clustering a graph
* Graph-Based Approach for Image Segmentation, A
* Optimal Requantization of Deep Grayscale Images and Lloyd-Max Quantization
* Simulation of process of forming the language for description and analysis of the forms of images
Includes: Muchnik, I.B.[Ilya B.] Muchnik, I.B.

Muchoney, D.M. Co Author Listing * Change Detection For Monitoring Forest Defoliation
* Pixel- and site-based calibration and validation methods for evaluating supervised classification of remotely sensed data
Includes: Muchoney, D.M. Muchoney, D.M.[Douglas M.]

Muchtar, K.[Kahlil] Co Author Listing * Coding unit complexity-based predictions of coding unit depth and prediction unit mode for efficient HEVC-to-SHVC transcoding with quality scalability
* Moving Object Detection Through Image Bit-Planes Representation Without Thresholding
* Robust techniques for abandoned and removed object detection based on Markov random field
* Secure multicasting of images via joint privacy-preserving fingerprinting, decryption, and authentication

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