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Mokadem, A. Co Author Listing * Age Regression Based on Local Image Features
* Global Planar Rigid Motion Estimation Applied to Object-Oriented Coding
* Shape Distance by Complete and Stable Invariant Descriptors for Contour Tracking, A
* Shape distances for contour tracking and motion estimation

Mokari, A.[Azade] Co Author Listing * Fast single image SR via dictionary learning

Mokarian, A.[Ashkan] Co Author Listing * Convex Relaxation for Multi-Graph Matching, A
* Mean Box Pooling: A Rich Image Representation and Output Embedding for the Visual Madlibs Task

Mokashi, N.[Nilay] Co Author Listing * AeroRIT: A New Scene for Hyperspectral Image Analysis

Mokate, U.B. Co Author Listing * System for Interpretation of Line Drawings, A
* System for Recognition and Description of Graphics, A

Mokayed, H.[Hamam] Co Author Listing * new DCT-PCM method for license plate number detection in drone images, A

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