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Micucci, D.[Daniela] Co Author Listing * Personalized Models in Human Activity Recognition using Deep Learning

Micusik, B.[Branislav] Co Author Listing * Autocalibration & 3D reconstruction with non-central catadioptric cameras
* Automatic Image Segmentation by Positioning a Seed
* Branch and bound global optima search for tracking a single object in a network of non-overlapping cameras
* Calibration Methodology for Distant Surveillance Cameras
* Camera auto-calibration using pedestrians and zebra crossings
* Classification and Pose Estimation of Vehicles in Videos by 3D Modeling within Discrete-Continuous Optimization
* Descriptor free visual indoor localization with line segments
* Detection and matching of rectilinear structures
* Efficient Texture Representation Using Multi-scale Regions
* Estimation of omnidirectional camera model from epipolar geometry
* Exploiting spatial consistency for object classification and pose estimation
* From Single Cameras to the Camera Network: An Auto-Calibration Framework for Surveillance
* Generalized sparse MRF appearance models
* Localizing non-overlapping surveillance cameras under the L-Infinity norm
* Minimal Solution for Uncalibrated Absolute Pose Problem with a Known Vanishing Point
* Model-Based Vehicle Pose Estimation and Tracking in Videos Using Random Forests
* Multi-label image segmentation via max-sum solver
* Multi-view Superpixel Stereo in Urban Environments
* Multiple Camera Self-calibration and 3D Reconstruction Using Pedestrians
* Omnidirectional Camera Model and Epipolar Geometry Estimation by RANSAC with Bucketing
* Piecewise planar city 3D modeling from street view panoramic sequences
* Plane Refined Structure from Motion
* Relative pose problem for non-overlapping surveillance cameras with known gravity vector
* Renormalization for Initialization of Rolling Shutter Visual-Inertial Odometry
* Semantic segmentation of street scenes by superpixel co-occurrence and 3D geometry
* Simultaneous surveillance camera calibration and foot-head homology estimation from human detections
* Sparse MRF Appearance Models for Fast Anatomical Structure Localisation
* Sparse Point Cloud Densification by Combining Multiple Segmentation Methods
* Steerable Semi-automatic Segmentation of Textured Images
* Structure from Motion with Line Segments Under Relaxed Endpoint Constraints
* Structure from Motion with Wide Circular Field of View Cameras
* Supervised Texture Detection in Images
* Surface Layout Estimation Using Multiple Segmentation Methods and 3D Reasoning
* Template patch driven image segmentation
* Trajectory reconstruction from non-overlapping surveillance cameras with relative depth ordering constraints
* Weakly supervised labeling of dominant image regions in indoor sequences
Includes: Micusik, B.[Branislav] Micusík, B.[Branislav] Micušík, B.[Branislav] Micusik, B. Micusik, B.[Banislav]
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