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Mejail, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * Assessment of SAR Image Filtering Using Adaptive Stack Filters
* Astronomical Image Data Reduction for Moving Object Detection
* Automatic Camera-Screen Localization
* Automatically finding clusters in normalized cuts
* Citation k-NN Approach for Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Contrario Detection of False Matches in Iris Recognition, A
* Detecting Subtle Human-Object Interactions Using Kinect
* EfficientARL: improving skin cancer diagnoses by combining lightweight attention on EfficientNet
* Facial expression recognition based on static and dynamic approaches
* Feature Analysis for Audio Classification
* Finding contrasted and regular edges by a contrario detection of periodic subsequences
* Finding Edges by a Contrario Detection of Periodic Subsequences
* Flexible image segmentation and quality assessment for real-time iris recognition
* Hybrid vision-based navigation for mobile robots in mixed indoor/outdoor environments
* Morphological Shape Context: Semi-locality and Robust Matching in Shape Recognition
* Multi-style License Plate Recognition System Based on Tree of Shapes for Character Segmentation, A
* Multiple Clues for License Plate Detection and Recognition
* Randomized Face Recognition on Partially Occluded Images
* Real-time monocular image-based path detection
* SAR image processing using adaptive stack filter
* SAR Image Segmentation Using Level Sets and Region Competition under the GHGH Model
* Simple Geometric-Based Descriptor for Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Skeleton-based action recognition using Citation-kNN on bags of time-stamped pose descriptors
* Special issue on computer vision applying pattern recognition techniques
* Special issue on real-time image and video processing for pattern recognition systems and applications
* Supervised Biometric System Using Multimodal Compression Scheme
* Two Applications of RGB-D Descriptors in Computer Vision
Includes: Mejail, M.[Marta] Mejail, M.
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Mejail, M.E.[Marta E.] Co Author Listing * Boruvka Meets Nearest Neighbors
* Content-Based Emblem Retrieval Using Zernike Moments
* decision step for Shape Context matching, A
* Detection and Tracking of Coronal Mass Ejections
* Detection and tracking of coronal mass ejections based on supervised segmentation and level set
* Detection of Coronal Mass Ejections
* Efficient descriptor tree growing for fast action recognition
* Optical character recognition using transfer learning decision forests
* Supervised Constrained Optimization of Bayesian Nonlocal Means Filter With Sigma Preselection for Despeckling SAR Images
* Using Adaptive Run Length Smoothing Algorithm for Accurate Text Localization in Images
Includes: Mejail, M.E.[Marta E.] Mejail, M.E.
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Mejan Fripp, J.[Jurgen] Co Author Listing * DBCE: A Saliency Method for Medical Deep Learning Through Anatomically-Consistent Free-Form Deformations
Includes: Mejan Fripp, J.[Jurgen] Mejan-Fripp, J.[Jurgen]

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