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McAlear, J.A. Co Author Listing * Simple O(n log n) Algorithm for Finding the Maximum Distance between Two Finite Planar Sets, A

McAleavey, S.A.[Stephen A.] Co Author Listing * Shear Induced Non-Linear Elasticity Imaging: Elastography for Compound Deformations

McAlister, M.[Martha] Co Author Listing * To Fill or Not to Fill: Sensitivity Analysis of the Influence of Resolution and Hole Filling on Point Cloud Surface Modeling and Individual Rockfall Event Detection

McAllester, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Cascade object detection with deformable part models
* Continuous Markov Random Fields for Robust Stereo Estimation
* discriminatively trained, multiscale, deformable part model, A
* Domain-Independent Dominance of Adaptive Methods
* Efficient Joint Segmentation, Occlusion Labeling, Stereo and Flow Estimation
* Information-Theoretic Segmentation by Inpainting Error Maximization
* Min-Cover Approach for Finding Salient Curves, A
* Object Detection with Discriminatively Trained Part-Based Models
* On-Road Multivehicle Tracking Using Deformable Object Model and Particle Filter With Improved Likelihood Estimation
* Particle-Based Belief Propagation for Structure from Motion and Dense Stereo Vision with Unknown Camera Constraints
* Robust Monocular Epipolar Flow Estimation
* Robust Road Detection and Tracking in Challenging Scenarios Based on Markov Random Fields With Unsupervised Learning
* Structure and motion from road-driving stereo sequences
* Unsupervised Learning of Stereo Vision with Monocular Depth Cues
* Visual Object Detection with Deformable Part Models
Includes: McAllester, D.[David] McAllester, D. Mcallester, D.[David]
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McAllister, A.[Andy] Co Author Listing * Farm Level Assessment of Irrigation Performance for Dairy Pastures in the Goulburn-Murray District of Australia by Combining Satellite-Based Measures with Weather and Water Delivery Information
* Riparian Vegetation Status and Rates of Water Use From Satellite Data
* Satellite-based Measurements For Benchmarking Regional Irrigation Performance In Goulburn-murray Catchment
Includes: McAllister, A.[Andy] Mcallister, A.

McAllister, D. Co Author Listing * Impact of Dense Range Data on Computer Graphics, The

McAllister, E. Co Author Listing * Quantitative Approach to Figural Goodness, A

McAllister, G. Co Author Listing * Hand tracking for behaviour understanding
* MLESAC tracking with 2D revolute-prismatic articulated models

McAllister, H.G. Co Author Listing * Wavelet-based nonlinear AGC method for hearing aid loudness compensation

McAllister, M. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Colour Image Segmentation Hierarchies

McAllister, R.[Rowan] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Vehicle Vision 2021: ICCV Workshop Summary
* PRECOG: PREdiction Conditioned on Goals in Visual Multi-Agent Settings
* S2Net: Stochastic Sequential Pointcloud Forecasting
Includes: McAllister, R.[Rowan] Mcallister, R.

McAlpin, D.B. Co Author Listing * Data Processing Concepts for the Integration of SAR into Operational Volcano Monitoring Systems
* Integrating SAR and derived products into operational volcano monitoring and decision support systems
* Pyroclastic Flow Deposits and InSAR: Analysis of Long-Term Subsidence at Augustine Volcano, Alaska
Includes: McAlpin, D.B. McAlpin, D.B.[David B.]

McAlpine, C. Co Author Listing * Approach to Mapping Forest Growth Stages in Queensland, Australia through Integration of ALOS PALSAR and Landsat Sensor Data, An
* Mapping Foliar Nutrition Using WorldView-3 and WorldView-2 to Assess Koala Habitat Suitability
Includes: McAlpine, C. McAlpine, C.[Clive]

McAlpine, J. Co Author Listing * Determining Atmospheric Dust Concentrations During Strong Flow Perturbations Using a Digital-Optical Technique

McAlpine, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Facial feature-localized and global real-time video morphing

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