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Majo, T.[Tommaso] Co Author Listing * Orlando Project: A 28 nm FD-SOI Low Memory Embedded Neural Network ASIC, The

Majoe, D.[Dennis] Co Author Listing * EEG-Based Cognitive Interfaces for Ubiquitous Applications: Developments and Challenges

Majoie, C. Co Author Listing * Automatic Collateral Scoring From 3D CTA Images

Majola, L. Co Author Listing * Framework for Comparing Segmentation Algorithms

Major, B.[Bence] Co Author Listing * Online Adaptive Personalization for Face Anti-Spoofing
* Personalized Benchmark for Face Anti-spoofing, A
* Vehicle Detection with Automotive Radar Using Deep Learning on Range-Azimuth-Doppler Tensors
Includes: Major, B.[Bence] Major, B.

Major, D. Co Author Listing * Automated Anatomy-Based Tracking of Systemic Arteries in Arbitrary Field-of-View CTA Scans
* Deep Sequential Segmentation of Organs in Volumetric Medical Scans
* Fully Convolutional Architectures for Multiclass Segmentation in Chest Radiographs
* Multi-Task Fusion for Improving Mammography Screening Data Classification
* On the Importance of Domain Awareness in Classifier Interpretations in Medical Imaging
Includes: Major, D. Major, D.[David]

Majoral, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Wide-Area GNSS Corrections for Precise Positioning and Navigation in Agriculture

Majorkowska Mech, D.[Dorota] Co Author Listing * Fast Algorithm for Quaternion-Based 4D Rotation, A
Includes: Majorkowska Mech, D.[Dorota] Majorkowska-Mech, D.[Dorota]

Majos, A. Co Author Listing * On accuracy of personalized 3D-printed MRI-based models of brain arteries

Majozi, N.[Nobuhle] Co Author Listing * Validation of Global Evapotranspiration Product (MOD16) using Flux Tower Data in the African Savanna, South Africa

Majozi, N.P.[Nobuhle P.] Co Author Listing * Intercomparison of Satellite-Based Daily Evapotranspiration Estimates under Different Eco-Climatic Regions in South Africa, An
* Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis of a Remote-Sensing-Based Penman-Monteith Model to Meteorological and Land Surface Input Variables

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