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Maffei, C.[Carmine] Co Author Listing * Applying Independent Component Analysis on Sentinel-2 Imagery to Characterize Geomorphological Responses to an Extreme Flood Event near the Non-Vegetated Río Colorado Terminus, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
* Predicting forest fires burned area and rate of spread from pre-fire multispectral satellite measurements
* Relating Spatiotemporal Patterns of Forest Fires Burned Area and Duration to Diurnal Land Surface Temperature Anomalies

Maffei, G. Co Author Listing * ARCHIMEDE: The first European diagnostic train for global monitoring of railway infrastructure

Maffeis, M. Co Author Listing * Cloud-based Solution for Nationwide Power Line Mapping

Maffet, A. Co Author Listing * Modified Beta Density Function as a Model for Synthetic Aperature Radar Clutter Statistics, The

Maffione, A. Co Author Listing * Evolutionary Approach to Training Relaxation Labeling Processes, An

Maffra, F.[Fabiola] Co Author Listing * Learning Deep Descriptors with Scale-Aware Triplet Networks
* Scene Understanding for Auto-Calibration of Surveillance Cameras

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