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Lumia, R.[Ronald] Co Author Listing * Model-Based Strategies for High-Level Robot Vision
* New Connected Components Algorithm for Virtual Memory Computers, A
* New Three-Dimensional Connected Components Algorithm, A
* Prediction-Based Vision for Robot Control
* Pseudo-Interferometric Laser Range Finder for Robot Applications, A
* Texture Analysis of Aerial Photographs
* Texture Discrimination Using Region Based Primitives
* Triclops: A Tool for Studying Active Vision
* Vision-Based Robotic Convoy Driving
Includes: Lumia, R.[Ronald] Lumia, R.
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Lumini, A.[Alessandra] Co Author Listing * Advanced methods for two-class pattern recognition problem formulation for minutiae-based fingerprint verification
* Can Fingerprints be Reconstructed from ISO Templates?
* clustering method for automatic biometric template selection, A
* Clustering techniques for protein surfaces
* Combining Face and Eye Detectors in a High- Performance Face-Detection System
* Continuous Versus Exclusive Classification for Fingerprint Retrieval
* Detector of image orientation based on Borda Count
* Eigenspace merging for model updating
* enhanced subspace method for face recognition, An
* Ensemblator: An ensemble of classifiers for reliable classification of biological data
* Ensemble of Multiple Pedestrian Representations
* Ensembles of dense and dense sampling descriptors for the HEp-2 cells classification problem
* evaluation of direct attacks using fake fingers generated from ISO templates, An
* Fake fingertip generation from a minutiae template
* Fingerprint Classification by Directional Image Partitioning
* Fingerprint Image Reconstruction from Standard Templates
* Fusion of color spaces for ear authentication
* FuzzyBagging: A novel ensemble of classifiers
* Haruspex: an Image Database System for Query-by-examples
* hybrid wavelet-based fingerprint matcher, A
* Identifying splice-junction sequences by hierarchical multiclassifier
* improved BioHashing for human authentication, An
* improved noise model for the generation of synthetic fingerprints, An
* Incremental Learning Techniques Within a Self-updating Approach for Face Verification in Video-Surveillance
* Local binary patterns for a hybrid fingerprint matcher
* Local phase quantization descriptor for improving shape retrieval/classification
* multi-expert approach for wavelet-based face detection, A
* multi-matcher for ear authentication, A
* multi-modal method based on the competitors of FVC2004 and on palm data combined with tokenised random numbers, A
* new approach for relevance feedback through positive and negative samples, A
* novel local on-line signature verification system, A
* Random subspace for an improved BioHashing for face authentication
* RegionBoost learning for 2D+3D based face recognition
* simple method for improving local binary patterns by considering non-uniform patterns, A
* Support Vector Machines for HIV-1 Protease Cleavage Site Prediction
* Template-Matching Approach for Protein Surface Clustering, A
* Two-class fingerprint matcher
* Wavelet decomposition tree selection for palm and face authentication
* Weighted Reward-Punishment Editing
Includes: Lumini, A.[Alessandra] Lumini, A.
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