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Lugiez, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Color Texture Modeling and Color Video Decomposition Using Bounded Variation and Oscillatory Functions
* Dynamic Texture Extraction and Video Denoising
* Weighted and extended total variation for image restoration and decomposition
Includes: Lugiez, M.[Mathieu] Lugiez, M.

Luginbuhl, C. Co Author Listing * signal/noise analysis of quasi-static MR elastography, A

Luginbuhl, D. Co Author Listing * Luminance independent chromaticity preprocessing for HDR video coding
Includes: Luginbuhl, D. Luginbühl, D.

Luginbuhl, T. Co Author Listing * Characteristic Functions of the Product of Two Gaussian Random Variables and the Product of a Gaussian and a Gamma Random Variable
* Model-Based Approach for Human Body Reconstruction from 3D Scanned Data, A
* Towards the Automatic Generation of 3D Photo-Realistic Avatars Using 3D Scanned Data
Includes: Luginbuhl, T. Luginbühl, T.[Thibault]

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