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Leu, H.J. Co Author Listing * Statistical Modeling of Inter-Frame Prediction Error and Its Adaptive Transform

Leu, J.G. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision Process to Detect and Track Space Debris Using Ground-Based Optical Telephoto Images, A
* Computing A Shape's Moments from Its Boundary
* Detecting the dislocations in metal crystals from microscopic images
* Detecting the Spatial Structure of Natural Textures Based on Shape Analysis
* Edge sharpening through ramp width reduction
* Image Contrast Enhancement Based on the Intensities of Edge Pixels
* Image enlargement based on a step edge model
* Image smoothing based on pixel grouping
* On indexing the periodicity of image textures
* Planar Shape Matching Based on Binary Tree Shape Representation
* Polygonal Approximation of 2-D Shapes Through Boundary Merging
* Sharpness preserving image enlargement based on a ramp edge model
Includes: Leu, J.G. Leu, J.G.[Jia-Guu]
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Leu, J.M.[Jan Mou] Co Author Listing * Drone-Based Bathymetry Modeling for Mountainous Shallow Rivers in Taiwan Using Machine Learning
Includes: Leu, J.M.[Jan Mou] Leu, J.M.[Jan-Mou]

Leu, J.S.[Jenq Shiou] Co Author Listing * Predicting station level demand in a bike-sharing system using recurrent neural networks
* Progressive Contextual Excitation for Smart Farming Application
* Regression-based parking space availability prediction for the Ubike system
Includes: Leu, J.S.[Jenq Shiou] Leu, J.S.[Jenq-Shiou]

Leu, K.L.[Kuen Long] Co Author Listing * Fast Algorithm for the Restoration of Images Based on Chain Codes Description and Its Applications, A
Includes: Leu, K.L.[Kuen Long] Leu, K.L.[Kuen-Long]

Leu, M.C.[Ming C.] Co Author Listing * American Sign Language alphabet recognition using Microsoft Kinect
* Analysis of Swept Volumes via Lie Groups and Differential Equations
* Geometric Representation of Swept Volumes with Application to Polyhedral Objects
* Human Action Recognition by Discriminative Feature Pooling and Video Segment Attention Model
* Jointly-Learnt Networks for Future Action Anticipation via Self-Knowledge Distillation and Cycle Consistency
Includes: Leu, M.C.[Ming C.] Leu, M.C.

Leu, T.S. Co Author Listing * Experiments with and Algorithm for Recovering Fluid Flow from Video Imagery
* Recovering Estimates of Fluid Flow from Image Sequence Data
Includes: Leu, T.S. Leu, T.S.[Tzong-Shyng]

Leu, Y.C. Co Author Listing * New Algorithm for Line Image Vectorization, A

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