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Lejeune, A.[Antoine] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of pairwise calibration techniques for range cameras and their ability to detect a misalignment
* Finding the Parts of Objects in Range Images
* I-see-3D! An interactive and immersive system that dynamically adapts 2D projections to the location of a user's eyes
* Partitioning Range Images Using Curvature and Scale
* physically motivated pixel-based model for background subtraction in 3D images, A
* Probabilistic Framework for the Characterization of Surfaces and Edges in Range Images, with Application to Edge Detection
* Towards eco-aware timetabling: evolutionary approach and cascading initialisation strategy for the bi-objective optimisation of train running times
Includes: Lejeune, A.[Antoine] Lejeune, A.
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Lejeune, C. Co Author Listing * Frequency-Domain Fourier-Mellin Descriptors for Invariant Pattern Recognition

Lejeune, F.[Fanch] Co Author Listing * Spatialised Semantic Relations in French Sign Language: Toward a Computational Modelling

Lejeune, L. Co Author Listing * Realistic Analytical Phantoms for Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Lejeune, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Automated Classification of Trees outside Forest for Supporting Operational Management in Rural Landscapes
* Canopy Gap Mapping from Airborne Laser Scanning: An Assessment of the Positional and Geometrical Accuracy
* How Far Can Consumer-Grade UAV RGB Imagery Describe Crop Production? A 3D and Multitemporal Modeling Approach Applied to Zea mays
* How Many Hippos (HOMHIP): Algorithm for Automatic Counts of Animals with Infra-Red Thermal Imagery From UAV
* Mapping and Monitoring of Biomass and Grazing in Pasture with an Unmanned Aerial System
* WIMUAS: Developing a Tool to Review Wildlife Data from Various UAS Flight Plans
Includes: Lejeune, P.[Philippe] Lejeune, P.

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