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Lehahn, Y.[Yoav] Co Author Listing * Long-Term Loss of Coral Reef in the Gulf of Aqaba Estimated from Historical Aerial Images

Lehaire, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Canopy Gap Mapping from Airborne Laser Scanning: An Assessment of the Positional and Geometrical Accuracy
Includes: Lehaire, F.[Francois] Lehaire, F.[François]

Lehaire, J.[Jerome] Co Author Listing * Computer-aided diagnostic system for prostate cancer detection and characterization combining learned dictionaries and supervised classification

Lehal, G.S.[Gurpreet Singh] Co Author Listing * Form Field Frame Boundary Removal for Form Processing System in Gurmukhi Script
* Gurmukhi Script Recognition System, A
* Iterative Algorithm for Segmentation of Isolated Handwritten Words in Gurmukhi Script, An
* Ligature Segmentation for Urdu OCR
* On Segmentation of Touching Characters and Overlapping Lines in Degraded Printed Gurmukhi Script
* Script Identification of Pre-segmented Multi-font Characters and Digits
* shape based post processor for Gurmukhi OCR, A
* Shape Encoded Post Processing of Gurmukhi OCR
* survey on camera-captured scene text detection and extraction: towards Gurmukhi script, A
* Technique for Segmentation of Gurmukhi Text, A
Includes: Lehal, G.S.[Gurpreet Singh] Lehal, G.S.
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Lehal, R. Co Author Listing * shape based post processor for Gurmukhi OCR, A

Lehane, B.[Bart] Co Author Listing * Associating characters with events in films
* Dialogue Sequence Detection in Movies
* Indexing of Fictional Video Content for Event Detection and Summarisation

Lehar, A.F. Co Author Listing * Manipulation and Presentation of Multidimensional Image Data Using the Peano Scan

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