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Lawton, D.T.[Daryl T.] Co Author Listing * email: Lawton, D.T.[Daryl T.]: daryll AT microsoft com
* Constraint-Based Inference from Image Motion
* Content Addressable Array Parallel Processor and Some Applications, A
* Determination of Rotational and Translational Components of a Flow Field using a Content Addressable Parallel Processor
* Determining the Instantaneous Axis of Translation from Optic Flow Generated by Arbitrary Sensor Motion
* Environmental Modeling and Recognition for an Autonomous Land Vehicle
* Iconic and Symbolic Processing Using a Content Addressable Array Parallel Processor
* Image Understanding Environments
* Image Understanding Environments Program, The
* Interactive Model-Based Vehicle Tracking
* IU Software Environments
* IUE User Interface, The
* Knowledge Based Vision for Terrestrial Robots
* Modular Object Oriented Image Understanding Environment, A
* Motion Analysis By Translational Decomposition
* Motion Analysis via Local Translational Processing
* Optic Flow Field Structure and Processing Image Motion
* Perceptual Organization Using Interestingness
* Processing Differential Image Motion
* Processing Dynamic Image Sequences from a Moving Sensor
* Processing Restricted Sensor Motion
* Processing Translational Motion Sequences
* Qualitative Landmark-Based Path Planning and Following
* Qualitative Navigation
* Qualitative Navigation II
* Range-Free Qualitative Navigation
* Sensor Motion and Relative Depth from Difference Fields of Optic Flows
* Shape and Motion from Linear Features
* Translational Decomposition of Flow Fields
* Use of Difference Fields in Processing Sensor Motion, The
* Visual Memory Structure for a Mobile Robot
* Visual Re-Acquisition of Geographic Locations
Includes: Lawton, D.T.[Daryl T.] Lawton, D.T.
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Lawton, G.[George] Co Author Listing * 3D Displays without Glasses: Coming to a Screen near You
* Biometrics: A New Era in Security
* Cloud Streaming Brings Video to Mobile Devices
* Making virtual reality more accessible
Includes: Lawton, G.[George] Lawton, G.

Lawton, M.N.[Matthew Nigel] Co Author Listing * Urban Growth Derived from Landsat Time Series Using Harmonic Analysis: A Case Study in South England with High Levels of Cloud Cover

Lawton, T.B.[Teri B.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for predicting the direction of movement in machine vision

Lawton, W. Co Author Listing * Information-Theory, Wavelets, and Image Compression

Lawton, W.M. Co Author Listing * Complete Spectral Characterization of Quarter-Plane Autoregressive Models, A
* Image coding apparatus and method utilizing separable transformations
* Image compression method and apparatus
* Multidimensional chirp algorithms for computing Fourier transforms
Includes: Lawton, W.M. Lawton, W.M.[Wayne M.]

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