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Ksantini, R.[Riadh] Co Author Listing * Coarse-to-fine Object Tracking Using Deep Features and Correlation Filters
* Covariance-guided One-Class Support Vector Machine
* Efficient and Fast Active Contour Model for Salient Object Detection, An
* Feature-based active contour model and occluding object detection
* Human Face Detection Improvement Using Incremental Learning Based on Low Variance Directions
* Multiple Object Detection with Occlusion Using Active Contour Model and Fuzzy C-Mean
* new efficient active contour model without local initializations for salient object detection, A
* New SVM + NDA Model for Improved Classification and Recognition, A
* Novel Bayesian Logistic Discriminant Model with Dirichlet Distributions: An Application to Face Recognition, A
* novel Bayesian logistic discriminant model: An application to face recognition, A
* Novel Human Motion Recognition Method Based on Eigenspace, A
* novel incremental one-class support vector machine based on low variance direction, A
* novel SVM+NDA model for classification with an application to face recognition, A
* Weighted Pseudometric Discriminatory Power Improvement Using a Bayesian Logistic Regression Model Based on a Variational Method
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