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Kort, F. Co Author Listing * Detection and Tracking of Humans in Single View Sequences Using 2D Articulated Model

Korta, J.C.[Jean Charles] Co Author Listing * Imaging device orientation information through analysis of test images
Includes: Korta, J.C.[Jean Charles] Korta, J.C.[Jean-Charles]

Korte, A.[Annika] Co Author Listing * Effects of Virtual Reality Locomotion Techniques on Distance Estimations

Korte, M. Co Author Listing * Vehicle Simulator for an Efficient Electronic and Electrical Architecture Design, A

Kortelainen, J.[Jukka] Co Author Listing * Classifier-Based Learning of Nonlinear Feature Manifold for Visualization of Emotional Speech Prosody
* Invariant trajectory classification of dynamical systems with a case study on ECG
* Multi-modal emotion analysis from facial expressions and electroencephalogram

Korteling, J.E. Co Author Listing * Neuroticism, Extraversion, Conscientiousness and Stress: Physiological Correlates
* Partial Camera Automation in an Unmanned Air Vehicle

Kortenkamp, D. Co Author Listing * Behavior Based Approach to Active Stereo Vision for Mobile Robots, A

Korth, A. Co Author Listing * Detecting trends in social bookmarking systems using a probabilistic generative model and smoothing

Korti, A.[Amel] Co Author Listing * Regularization in parallel magnetic resonance imaging

Korting, T.[Thales] Co Author Listing * Simple Nonlinear Iterative Temporal Clustering
Includes: Korting, T.[Thales] Körting, T.[Thales] (Maybe also Koerting, T.)

Korting, T.S.[Thales Sehn] Co Author Listing * Assessment of a Modified Version of the EM Algorithm for Remote Sensing Data Classification
* Combining Environmental and Landsat Analysis Ready Data for Vegetation Mapping: A Case Study In the Brazilian Savanna Biome
* Divide and Segment Method for Parallel Image Segmentation, The
* Earth Observation Data Cubes for Brazil: Requirements, Methodology and Products
* Environmental Drivers of Water Use for Caatinga Woody Plant Species: Combining Remote Sensing Phenology and Sap Flow Measurements
* Geographical Approach to Self-Organizing Maps Algorithm Applied to Image Segmentation, A
* Identifying Precarious Settlements and Urban Fabric Typologies Based on GEOBIA and Data Mining in Brazilian Amazon Cities
* Image Re-Segmentation Applied to Urban Imagery
* Improvement Evaluation On Ceramic Roof Extraction Using Worldview-2 Imagery And Geographic Data Mining Approach
* Improvements in Sample Selection Methods for Image Classification
* Interpreting Images with Geodma
* Near Real-Time Fire Detection and Monitoring in the MATOPIBA Region, Brazil
* On a Data-Driven Approach for Detecting Disturbance in the Brazilian Savannas Using Time Series of Vegetation Indices
* Pattern Recognition and Remote Sensing techniques applied to Land Use and Land Cover mapping in the Brazilian Savannah
* Using Landsat 8 Image Time Series For Crop Mapping In A Region Of Cerrado, Brazil
Includes: Korting, T.S.[Thales Sehn] Korting, T.S. Körting, T.S.[Thales Sehn] (Maybe also Koerting, T.S.)Korting, T.S.[Thales S.] Körting, T.S.[Thales S.] (Maybe also Koerting, T.S.)
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Kortoci, P.[Pranvera] Co Author Listing * AICP: Augmented Informative Cooperative Perception
Includes: Kortoci, P.[Pranvera] Kortoçi, P.[Pranvera]

Kortschot, S.W. Co Author Listing * Efficacy of Group-View Displays in Nuclear Control Rooms

Kortuem, G. Co Author Listing * Predictability of Public Transport Usage: A Study of Bus Rides in Lisbon, Portugal

Kortus, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Towards Neural Charged Particle Tracking in Digital Tracking Calorimeters With Reinforcement Learning

Kortylewski, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * A-SDF: Learning Disentangled Signed Distance Functions for Articulated Shape Representation
* Amodal Segmentation through Out-of-Task and Out-of-Distribution Generalization with a Bayesian Model
* CoKe: Contrastive Learning for Robust Keypoint Detection
* Combining Compositional Models and Deep Networks For Robust Object Classification under Occlusion
* Compositional Convolutional Neural Networks: A Deep Architecture With Innate Robustness to Partial Occlusion
* Compositional Convolutional Neural Networks: A Robust and Interpretable Model for Object Recognition Under Occlusion
* CORL: Compositional Representation Learning for Few-Shot Classification
* Empirically Analyzing the Effect of Dataset Biases on Deep Face Recognition Systems
* Greedy Structure Learning of Hierarchical Compositional Models
* Learning Part Segmentation through Unsupervised Domain Adaptation from Synthetic Vehicles
* Localizing Occluders with Compositional Convolutional Networks
* Multimodal Image Synthesis and Editing: The Generative AI Era
* Occlusion-Aware 3D Morphable Models and an Illumination Prior for Face Image Analysis
* OOD-CV: A Benchmark for Robustness to Out-of-Distribution Shifts of Individual Nuisances in Natural Images
* PartImageNet: A Large, High-Quality Dataset of Parts
* Patchattack: A Black-box Texture-based Attack with Reinforcement Learning
* PoseExaminer: Automated Testing of Out-of-Distribution Robustness in Human Pose and Shape Estimation
* Probabilistic Compositional Active Basis Models for Robust Pattern Recognition
* Robust Category-Level 6D Pose Estimation with Coarse-to-Fine Rendering of Neural Features
* Robust Instance Segmentation through Reasoning about Multi-Object Occlusion
* Robust Model-based Face Reconstruction through Weakly-Supervised Outlier Segmentation
* Robust Object Detection Under Occlusion With Context-Aware CompositionalNets
* Simulated Adversarial Testing of Face Recognition Models
* Super-CLEVR: A Virtual Benchmark to Diagnose Domain Robustness in Visual Reasoning
* SwapMix: Diagnosing and Regularizing the Over-Reliance on Visual Context in Visual Question Answering
* Unsupervised Footwear Impression Analysis and Retrieval from Crime Scene Data
Includes: Kortylewski, A.[Adam] Kortylewski, A.
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